Along the racetrack, you see ladies flaunting elegant attire with flamboyant hats perched on their heads like crowns. Men accompany their ladies, decked out in sharp suits and ties, embodying a look that’s cool and edgy or bold and flashy. Derby day is almost here! These are your Packwood Grand inspired looks.


espy has your Packwood Grand style inspiration


Packwood Inspiration 1

Be bold. When the thermometer starts to rise lose the slacks and throw on a pair of statement shorts. This is an easy way to stand out in the crowd.


Packwood Grand Inspiration 2

Lief-Horsens blazer, Ted Baker shorts, R2 long-sleeve button-up, Adesso Accessories tie and pocket square.


More Packwood Inspired Looks


Packwood Grand Inspiration 3

Sanctuary floral dress, WellDUNN bracelet.


Packwood Grand Inspiration 4

Classic and elegant. A modern floral maxi dress is always derby appropriate. It’s time to step away from the solids and classics. Try animal or floral prints to be memorable.


Packwood Inspiration 4

Cupcakes and Cashmere floral maxi dress, Ted Baker hat, Noel Asmar clutch.


Packwood Grand Inspiration 5

Lief-Horsens blazer, Blue Industry long-sleeve button-up, Ted Baker bow tie, Adesso Accessories pocket square.


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