But Before You Continue…


We get asked why we don’t offer e-commerce, in fact, we get asked a lot. The answer to why we don’t is simple; at espy we want our stylists to work with you to find the very best fit and styles for your body. We want to allow you to discover your own personal style through our expertise. That is the espy experience. And that is why you won’t find the clothing we carry for sale online.

If you have had the pleasure of working with one of our stylists before, we are happy to shop with you over the phone or by email and can send items right to your doorstep. Of course, if you are in Calgary, we can always come to you as well. Just check out our services page for our personal shopping and closet intervention services to bring home an espy stylist.

We believe that an espy Gift Card or Date Night is the perfect way to share espy with your friends and loved ones and is always a well-received gift.