Fashion and beauty shops in the neighbourhood to help you look and feel your best


Need to update your wardrobe or want to try a new ‘do? Looking for that perfect hat for Stampede? We have you covered in our next Inglewood Spotlight blog. Check out where we think the best places to shop for fashion and beauty are in the neighbourhood. We are all stylists at espy, after all, so you should trust us on this one! This is the Inglewood neighbourhood fashion and beauty spotlight.


The Shoe Closet

You’ll find more than just shoes at The Shoe Closet

The Shoe Closet started as a single shop in Cochrane in 2011. After many years of success, they opened up a second location in Inglewood, becoming the neighbourhood’s first shoe store. Since it has opened The Shoe Closet has become the place we at espy find ourselves suggesting our clients go to find great shoes. It is the place in Calgary to find unique, high quality, and affordable shoes that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Shoe Closet offers both men and women

The shop has a rustic and casual feel to it and the staff will make you feel comfortable the minute you walk in the door. Comfort is a key aspect to all of what The Shoe Closet has to offer. They strive to not only give their customers on-trend shoes but shoes that are also comfortable. Did we mention they even have a line of comfortable clothing?


Smithbilt Hats

Inglewood Neighbourhood spotlight: Smithbilt hat display

Only the best hats are made at Smithbilt

Can you talk about Calgary without mentioning the Stampede, and consequently, Smithbilt Hats? We don’t think so, either. Founded in 1919, this shop is an icon of Calgary and has been for generations. The team at Smithbilt are passionate about producing the best quality hats in the city. Their hats are built from either wool or fur felt, that they source from around the world, and are then fashioned in their very own Calgary factory.

Smithbilt interior

The interior of Smithbilt makes you feel like you’re back in the Old West!

Smithbilt Hats is also the store behind the internationally recognized “White Hat.” The tradition of the “White Hate” was started in 1947 by former Calgary mayor, Bill Herron, and it has become a symbol of hospitality from Calgary to visiting dignitaries ever since. The Smithbilt “White Hat” now goes hand in hand with Stampede, making it a true Calgary institution.


Shades of Sleep

Inglewood Neighbourhood spotlight: Shades of Sleep sign

Look for the sign with the pillows!

The activity that takes up the most time in our lives is sleeping. Humans, on average, spend 1/3 of their lives in their bed! Therefore, you should make sure that the time spent sleeping is as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. The solution to all your sleeping needs is Shades of Sleep. In this cosy shop, you will find luxurious sleepwear that will make you feel like royalty while you doze off. Need something cute to lounge in on a rainy day? Or some show-stopping lingerie? Shades of Sleep can help you out.

Shades of Sleep bedding

No place in the neighbourhood will make you feel as cozy as Shades of Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can do wonders for your skin and health. So, make sure you also check out their selection of blankets, pillows, and sheets to optimize every minute of your time spent in bed. They even carry products to help with the many factors that can interrupt and stop you from getting the rest you need.


Antiquaire Boutique

Inglewood Neighbourhood spotlight: Antiquaire outside

Unique, vintage clothing is always a treat to discover

Antiquaire Boutique is a gem within the Inglewood neighbourhood. This vintage clothing boutique sources their pieces from estate sales all over the world. Each item you find here is unique with craftmanship and detailing you can’t find in mass-produced clothing. Antiquaire believes that fashion choices can empower you and allow others to see your personality and values. Buying from this humble shop means you are not only getting a quality product but also helping minimize waste because each piece has stood the test of time, and will continue to do so.

Antiquaire interior

Shopping vintage helps save the earth and your wallet

Not only can Antiquaire help you feel great in what you’re wearing every day, they can also help you feel extra special on your wedding day. They have an amazing selection of vintage wedding dresses and accessories. They can even alter the dresses to make one exactly what you want for your special day.


Notorious Hair Group

Inglewood Neighbourhood spotlight: Notorious interior

Relax in a cosy chair while you are pampered by the staff at Notorious

Notorious Hair Group is a salon that keeps it simple, humble, and stylish. Owned and operated by the Vancoucer-born Josh Taylor, this salon will make you feel welcome the minute you step in the door. Not wanting to have the stuffy feeling you can find at other salons, Josh has built a space that calls back to vintage old Vegas – a time that allowed polished style and rough edges to come together in harmony. Josh is known for his skill and passion for making you look your best, as well as his speed! Between him and his partner-in-hair, Stacey, you will always get a stylish, fun ‘doo!



Inglewood Neighbourhood spotlight: espy interior

The store is open and bright, just like our staff

Of course, we can’t mention Inglewood fashion without mentioning ourselves, espy Experience. We specialize in affordable designer, Canadian designs, and denim fittings, but we are so much more! From Personal Styling to Closet Interventions to Date Nights, we are your go-to spot for on-trend fashion and amazing experiences. Megan, the mind behind our amazing boutique, is passionate about fashion that works for all physiques in many different styles. Due to this we make sure that we have a vast selection of products for both men and women in order to make sure we can find something for everyone. We even do custom shirts for men!

espy denim wall

Your perfect pair of denim is waiting for you at espy

Along with shopping, we offer a unique place to host your upcoming events. With a space that can host over 200 people, espy is a great location for any event big or small! Learn more here for any inquires you may have to book our space for your next event.


Where can you find these places in the neighbourhood?

You can walk to each of these places and see them all in one day


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