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On this next Inglewood Spotlight, we are talking about the cool and unique shops you can visit during your trip to Inglewood. If you need a unique gift or cool gadget for your home these are some of the best places to go. This is the Inglewood neighbourhood unique shops spotlight.



Inglewood Neighbourhood Spotlight: Recordland

Recordland has something for everyone’s taste in music

Open since 1979, Recordland has the best selection of new and used vinyl. This place is packed from floor to ceiling with an impressive inventory of approximately a million records for everyone’s tastes. Vinyl will always be in style and Recordland is at the top of our lists when we think of where to get the best music in the best format. That being said if vinyl isn’t your thing you can always peruse through their selection of CDs, cassettes, and even 8-tracks.

espy Stylists recommend: Taking your time! There is so much to dig through you wouldn’t want to miss anything.


The Silk Road Spice Merchant

Inglewood Neighbourhood Spotlight: Silk Road

Silk Road Spice Merchant mix their spices by hand to ensure the best quality

Anyone who likes to cook and experiment with new flavours needs to make sure they go to The Silk Road Spice Merchant. Nowhere else in Calgary can you find every spice you desire in one location. The shop feels warm and welcoming and offers quite a treat for your senses. They sell a complete range of spices, herbs, chiles, and seasonings from around the world. Silk Road makes sure that only the finest quality products enter their doors and they buy in small batches to ensure maximum freshness.

espy Stylists recommend: Trying one of their hand-mixed spice blends that have been perfected by the store’s team.


Aylmer Nelson Cannabis

Inglewood Neighbourhood Spotlight: Aylmer Nelson

Walking to Alymer Nelson feels like you’re walking into a friend’s apartment

We welcome the first and only store of its kind to Inglewood: Aylmer Nelson Cannabis. This shop is owned and operated by two brothers who decided to leave the corporate world behind and enter the world of THC and relaxation. Aylmer Nelson has a cosy, clean and welcoming feel to it that puts you at ease when you walk in; exactly what the minds behind this store want.

Inglewood Neighbourhood Spotlight: Aylmer Nelson

This beautiful mural on the side of the store was done by a local artist

Aylmer Nelson wanted to make sure that they were adding to the eclectic feel of the neighbourhood. One of the ways they have done this is by collaborating with a local artist to create the beautiful mural that has been painted across their building. This also helps make sure their shop can’t be missed! Whether you are veteran or novice user of cannabis the staff at Aylmer Nelson can help you find the strain that will suit your needs best.

espy Stylists recommend: Trying a little bit of everything!


Savour Fine Foods & Kitchenware

Inglewood Neighbourhood Spotlight: Savour

The coolest kitchen gadget are hiding in this quaint shop

Another great shop for Calgary cooks is Savour Fine Foods & Kitchenware. This shop is perfect for finding high-quality ingredients and super unique tools for your next kitchen adventure. The people behind this little shop want you to be confident that your purchase is well worth it. Therefore, Savour ensures that all their products are reliable and from trusted brands that they use in their own kitchens at home. Next time you want to shake things up in the kitchen come to Savour and see what you can create with their selection of distinct goods.

espy Stylists recommend: Checking to see if the owner, Michelle, is around. She has all the best tips, tricks, and recipes to share with her customers.



Inglewood Neighbourhood Spotlight: Recess

Recess is one of the many shops in Inglewood that welcome your canine companions

Who else has an obsession with stationary? The owner of Recess understands this obsession well and therefore has created stationery heaven. You can find the most unique and beautifully designed products here for work and your everyday life. Recess brings items into their store with this mantra in mind: objects to make your life simpler and leave your workspace more inspiring. They also offer workshops for adults and kids to learn everything from calligraphy to watercolours.

espy Stylists recommend: The Marvy LePen Marker Pen in all the colours.


Circa Vintage Art Glass

Inglewood Neighbourhood Spotlight: Circa

The beauty of what Circa has to offer will leave you awestruck

Circa Vintage Art Glass is a one of a kind gallery that brings to Calgary imported hand blown glass. Circa’s owner and curator, Brian, specializes in mid-century modern pieces crafted between 1940 and 1960. Each piece is sourced from all over the world but focuses on studios in Italy, Scandinavia, France, Belgium, and Czechoslovakia. You will also find amazing vintage art glass lamps within the walls of this small but elegant space.

Coming to this gallery is not only a treat for your eyes, but also for your brain. You will leave with an education on mid-century modern styling of vintage art glass. Its “a visual spectacle of colour, form, and modernism.”

espy Stylists recommend: Talking to the owner to learn about this amazing art form.


Here is where you can find these places:

All the places mentioned are within walking distance from espy.


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