Showcasing some of the best food spots in Inglewood


Clients ask us all the time where some of the best places to grab a bite in Inglewood are. The espy stylists have gotten together and compiled a short list of unique and innovative restaurants in the neighbourhood that we love recommending to our clients after their espy experience. This is the Inglewood neighbourhood food spotlight.

The Nash

Neighbourhood Spotlight: The Nash

Just a half block away from espy, The Nash is always on top of stylist’s lists.

Located in Inglewood’s historic Old National Hotel, The Nash is an urban gathering place. It is an ideal location for those special occasions out with friends and family. With their attached Off Cut Bar, The Nash offers a gourmet menu that is packed with inventive ideas that are based in comfort food like rotisserie chicken and burgers. It has a warm, welcoming environment that will make you feel at ease, while also nodding to the historic past of the building.

Neighbourhood Spotlight: OffCut Bar

Inside the OffCut Bar. A place for live music and handcrafted cocktails.

At The Nash, you won’t find anything that isn’t prepared and made with skill and passion, in house, by their team of talented chefs – all of whom you can see working their magic as you dine. They also offer live music every Thursday, an excellent weekend brunch, and a Gourmet 2 Go service.

At espy we find ourselves going to The Nash to celebrate together, or going to the Off Cut Bar to wind down and connect with our fellow coworkers and friends.

espy Stylists recommend: The Nash Burger


The Eden

Neighbourhood Spotlight: The Eden

Family owned and run, The Eden features classic French fare.

The Eden, nestled in the heart of Inglewood, is a bistro that offers a cozy spot to get simple but delicious French-inspired cuisine. Although it may seem small, don’t fret. The narrow, bi-level space feels bright and authentic with its vintage tin ceiling and welcoming atmosphere.

Pop in for a delicious brunch every weekend or for a traditional dish during their weekday happy hour; the wine menu is stellar. Either way, you will find yourself at ease at The Eden and are sure to have a great experience.

espy Stylists recommend: The daily special – you won’t be disappointed!



Neighbourhood Spotlight: Spolumbos

Spolumbos has to be Calgary’s favourite sandwich shop.

Opening in 1991, and owned by a trio of former professional CFL players, Spolumbo’s has become one of Calgary’s most well-known and treasured delicatessens. Their family recipes have made them a huge success, not only in Inglewood but in locations throughout the city. From retail to local restaurant items, you can find the Spolumbo’s name.

Rooted in a sense of community, Spolumbo’s is a must when walking around and visiting the neighbourhood. Try one of their tasty deli sandwiches for lunch, or take home some of their famous sausages to prepare in your favourite Italian dish at home.

espy Stylists recommend: 9th Ave on rye.


Gorilla Whale

Gorilla Whale Signage

Gorilla Whale is located on the north side of 9th Ave.

Ready for something fun and a little more rock n’ roll? Then look no further than Gorilla Whale! A Japanese-inspired restaurant that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Gorilla Whale is your go-to place in Inglewood for innovative takes on Japanese cuisine and local craft beer.

Neighbourhood Spotlight: Gorilla Whale

Seriously good food and drink in an unserious environment.

Voted one of the best new restaurants by Avenue Magazine for 2019, we at espy have every confidence that you will find great food and a fun atmosphere at Gorilla Whale.

espy Stylists recommend: Belly Up with Seared American Cheddar.


Inglewood Pizza

Neighbourhood Spotlight: Inglewood Pizza

Located on the south side of 9th Ave Inglewood Pizza is a neighbourhood favourite.

Inglewood Pizza was established in 1994 and has become one of the best pizza places in the city. They make their dough fresh every morning, use only the highest quality meats, and crisp, succulent produce. Their pizza is thick, flavourful, and maybe some of the best pizza you will ever eat.

Not in the mood for pizza? Inglewood Pizza has you covered. Beyond their amazing pizza, they also offer appetizers, pasta, and even souvlaki! Did we mention that there is gluten-free pizza here as well? You really can’t go wrong when choosing this local pizza joint to satisfy your hunger.

Inglewood Pizza Interior

A whole pie or just a slice, the choice is yours.

espy Stylists recommend: Butter Chicken Pizza


Delightful Cafe

Delightful Cafe is one of the espy team’s favourite places to grab lunch. Offering classic Vietnamese dishes alongside Chinese dishes (and even some western favs) this humble spot in Inglewood will leave you full and satisfied.

Neighbourhood Spotlight: Delightful Cafe

A favourite among locals, Delightful Cafe offers something for all palettes.

Delightful is also a great spot to stop and grab some bubble tea, or a refreshing Vietnamese iced coffee, as you wander your way through the many fantastic shops in Inglewood. Make sure you don’t pass this place by. It’s truly a delightful place!

espy Stylists recommend: Stir fried chicken with onion, bean sprouts and fresh lemongrass on rice vermicelli.

Bite + Bea’s Eatery

Bite is a locally owned grocer located at the other end of the Atlantic Arts building from espy. They pride themselves on bringing customers the best of the best when it comes to food. On top of providing the basics, Bite also has an amazing bakery and meat shop. Both of which have a selection of signature products.

Neighbourhood Spotlight: Bite Groceria

Located on the corner of the Atlantic Arts Building you can access Bite from the street and inside the building.

Within the walls of Bite you will find the always charming Bea’s Eatery. Through the hard work of a group of locals, Bea’s is a community focused restaurant with a passion for seasonally curated menus.

Bea's Eatery Interior

Bea’s Eatery offers a more formal atmosphere for a quick bite.

espy Stylists recommend: The early bird special! Eggs, meat, grilled tomato, and hashbrowns. How could you go wrong?


So where are these places in the neighbourhood?


All within easy walking distance from espy, we highly encourage you to check them out!


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