The dog days of summer are here and that can only mean one thing- rodeo season! The espy stylists have curated looks you’ll need for the midway, the rodeo and the Cowboys tent (if that’s your thing of course…) This is your Stampede Style Guide 2019.


Style Tip #1: The Capability to Transition is Key

Stampede 2019

Mavi White Denim Jacket

Stampede Style is all about versatility. Let your look be unique yet practical for long days spent exploring the grounds! Our Stylists suggest completing the denim, belt, and hat look with a “completer piece”; pieces that are light like a denim jacket, printed kimono or even flannel tied around the waist. Not only do they instantly look effortlessly chic, but these pieces will transition you from days spent at the rodeo to nights celebrating in style.


Style Tip #2: Stand Apart

2019 Stampede Beer Tent

Not your average denim. Step up your style for Stampede in AG Jeans!

Whether you are entertaining clients or just being entertained, espy Menswear Stylists want you to stand out in the crowd! Waistcoats give a nod to cowboys of the past (think John Wayne) while being a modern fashion-forward essential on its own or under a suit jacket.


Style Tip #3: Building Blocks

Stampede Belts 2019

Brave Leather Belts. Ethically made in Canada, now available at espy!

Fashionistas never forget a flashy accessory. However, Western-style does not need to feel overwhelming or “costume-like”. Mainstream fashion accessories such as detailed belts, fringe necklaces, and printed neck scarves are small pieces that make a big impact on your look. Meaning you can ditch the hat and hold on to your individual style!


Style Tip #4: Do Not Be Afraid Of Prints

Stampede Rodeo Style 2019

Club Of Gents Waistcoat

This is a fun time to be in Calgary! So, what better time to have fun with your style? The key to prints is to simply not overthink it. Match tones and go enjoy all that Stampede has to offer. Our stylist tip is to go for stripes as you take in the midway, or a colourful skirt paired with a more traditional western block print while watching the rodeo.


That was your Stampede Style Guide 2019. Now that you have all the insider knowledge you need to put together your personal Stampede Style, enjoy all that Calgary has to offer during this fun-filled time! Yahoo!


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