Looking for more than just food? These are the pubs and places in the Inglewood neighbourhood to be entertained while you fuel up!

In this Inglewood spotlight we give you a taste of the great pubs and entertainment we have in the neighbourhood. Whether you want to find great local music to listen to, party on a giant bike, or just sit in a great pub with your friends, the businesses below have something for everyone. Read on to discover some of our favourites. This is the Inglewood Neighbourhood Pubs + Entertainment Spotlight.


Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

Inglewood neighbourhood spotlight: gravity

More than just a coffee shop, Gravity is a great place to find local music

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar is an amazing local coffe shop located on just around the corner fron Bite Grocer . It is a high-end coffee bar that not only can get you going in the morning with one of their comforting coffees, but they also offer an intimate and unique space for live music – 5 nights a week! The owner, Andy, believes that music can bring a community together. He has created a space where local musicians can play and people can listen in a comfortable space, while enjoying an exceptional wine and cheese platter.

espy Stylists suggest: going on Thursday night to enjoy local singer/songwriters.


Pedal Pub

pedal pub bikes

You know you want you and your friends to be seen rocking one of these giant bikes!

If you’ve never experienced a party bike, you now have the chance as Pedal Pub has arrived in Calgary. What is a party bike? You and 14 friends book a time to go out with a (thouroughly trained) “Pilot” who leads you to local breweries and pubs around town so you can experience some of the best the city has to offer. The only catch is that you all have to pedal your way to each location! You can have fun, enjoy the city, and burn off any calories gained from the alcohol. It’s a win-win!

espy Stylists suggest: asking about their pre-stocked coolers that can go on the party bike with your group to get the most out of your tour!


House & Hound

Inglewood neighbourhood spotlight: hose and hound

People claim the old fire hall that Hose & Hound is located in is haunted!

The Hose & Hound Pub has been run by its current owners since 1996 but the builiding has been around since 1906 where it was built as Calgary’s Fire Hall #3. It was used as such for many years until the fire trucks became too big to fit through the doors. Though there was a time when the building wasn’t well maintained, since becoming The Hose & Hound Pub it has been a place to gather and have a great time with good people. With their recently rennovated patio you won’t go wrong if you chose this spot to spend your evening. Just watch out for the ghosts!

espy Stylist’s suggest: trying one of the many locals beers on tap.


Kane’s Harley Diner

Kane's diner interior

Time travel feels possible when you’re visiting Kane’s

Kane’s Harley Diner is the place to go if you want a delicious meal and in a classic 50’s environment. Located in an old Harley Davidson shop (which you can find relocated behind the diner!), Kane’s has what you would expect an authentic diner to have. It has pool tables, a Harley Davidson pinball machine, and a jukebox to keep you entertained while you sip on a classic milkshake. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or just enjoy the vibe from the good ol’ days, Kane’s Harley Diner is a must-go in Inglewood.

espy Stylists suggest: going for a weekend brunch then heading to the Harley Davidson shop afterwards to inspire your inner bike.


Cold Garden Beverage Company

Inglewood neighbourhood spotlight: cold garden

You will find something new in the decor with every visit to Cold Garden

Cold Garden Beverage Company is probably one of the most eclectic microbreweries you will ever come across. When you walk in you will be greeted with the words THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. When you look around at the decor, you will be inclined to agree. Owned by a trio who have a love for craft beer, you can truly chill out and relax when grabbing a drink at Cold Garden. The decor alone will keep you entertained while you try a new brew but the thing that sets this brewery apart? It allows you to bring your dogs! Could this place be any cooler? We don’t think so.

espy Stylists suggest: trying one of their more eccentric brews, like the birthday cake inspired Cakeface dessert beer.


Revival Brewcade

revival brewcade interior

With the classic games found in Revival Brewcade, you can try to get that highscore you couldn’t achieve as a kid

For a whole lot of fun in one small space look no further than Revival Brewcade. Not only is this place a brewery but can also boast being a retro arcade! Hence the term “brewcade.” Two friends, who found they both shared an affinity for arcades and breweries, came together to create this unique spot. A spot where once can feed their nostalgia while supporting local breweries. This is a place for the whole family as kids are welcome before 6:00 pm and all day Sundays. So, bring the kids and spend an afternoon reliving your childhood and sharing it with your whole family.

espy Stylists suggest: stopping by every few months to see what beer they currently have on rotation – they’re always changing it up!


Ironwood Stage & Grill

Inglewood neighbourhood Spotlight: ironwood

The lighting and atmosphere in Ironwood make for a great live music venue

Ironwood Stage & Grill is an Inglewood staple. This spot offers live music every single night of the year, with no cover bands. The owner is passionate about contributing to the Calgary music scene, and wants artists to see Ironwood as a welcome space to have their music heard (and appreciated) in a legitimate venue. Make sure you experience this welcoming and humble spot. Not only will your ears be treated to great music while visiting, but the food and drinks are reason enough on their own to come.

espy Stylists suggest: hitting up one of their Open Mic nights (usually on Wednesdays) hosted by the talented duo Kit & Tim.


Where can you find these places in the neighbourhood?

pubs and entertainment map

You can walk to each one from espy and discover them all!


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