Give Dad Something He’ll Actually Use This Christmas


Let’s face it. Men, well dad, in particular, is hard to buy for. He’s either picky to the maximum or he doesn’t care at all. It seems like in most cases, he already has everything he needs to get by. I mean, he’s made it this far hasn’t he? What else could he possibly need?

This year it’s time to do away with the gift certificates, the underwear, the socks and the ties for something he’ll truly love this holiday season and the year to come.


Gift Idea 1: A pair of 34 Heritage Courage Jeans


34 Heritage: Courage. Prices range from $199 to $219.


The go-to jean for men at espy. The 34 Heritage Courage is the most popular style we carry and for good reason. With a mid-rise and slightly tapered leg from the knee down, the Courage is the perfect fit for the man who prefers a contemporary straight leg. These aren’t your typical dad jeans, in fact far from it. With 14 colors and fabrics to choose from, it’ll be easy to get dad a pair he’ll love.


Gift Idea 2: Ted Baker Daiino Navy Chukka Boots


Ted Baker Daiino Chukka Boots: $329


He already has black, and he already has every shade of brown from chestnut to tobacco. That’s why navy is such an intriguing option. You can pair them with slim chinos, colored denim or even dress slacks making them a very versatile option for dad in his everyday outfits. Made of nubuck leather and a full rubber sole, these boots are totally winter and snow worthy.


It’s about Functionality…


Gift Idea 3: A Navante Rock Camo Quilt Down Jacket


Available in Black and Plantation: $419


Bomber jackets are in and dad needs one. The best part about this one is that it is guaranteed to stand up to our harsh Canadian winter. Created by the former head designer at Canada Goose, Navante is an outerwear brand that is quickly garnering global attention with technology and innovation that is constantly pushing the envelope. Durable water-repellent shell fabric, branded trims, eyelets at armhole for ventilation, pocket lined with suede tricot, interior passport pocket, usable smartphone pocket, and security pocket with zipper closure. Hint: dad likes technology and all things technical.


Gift Idea 4: A Robert Barakett T-Shirt or 3


Crew Neck and V-Neck Available: $69


Just because you think dad is old doesn’t mean he has to dress like it. Robert Barakett 100% Pima cotton shirts have a comfortable fit and a silky finish for an elegant drape. To put that in terms dad will understand, these are not just a regular t-shirt, they’re actually nice and will fit him great. The best part? Robert Barakett shirts are designed and made in Canada. We don’t know any dad that thinks that’s a bad thing…


It’s Not a Sweater, It’s a Knit


Gift Idea 5: A Hörst Gray Shawl Collar Cardigan


Available in Gray: $139


With dad, it’s about versatility. A Hörst shawl collar cardigan is a perfect addition to the wardrobe of a man who wants dressing himself to be easy. Don’t want to wear that sports coat over your shirt and tie? Cardigan. Little chilly when taking the dog out? Cardigan. Need to dress up that t-shirt? Cardigan. Once these things are explained, dad will hop on board.


Gift Idea 6: A Matinique Flannel Long-Sleeve Shirt


Matinique Jude Long-Sleeves from $109 to $139.


Forget the lumberjack stereotype and forget the grunge scene of the nineties, flannel is back. Designed for colder days, dad is going to love this soft, casual cool flannel shirt from Matinique. And don’t worry about trying to pass this off as just a casual shirt, tell dad he can dress this up or down (which he can). Just have some conviction and he’ll believe you.


Last but not least


Gift Idea 7: A Bellroy Travel Wallet


Available in Black and Caramel: $149


Ok, we know what you’re thinking. “Seriously espy? This is just your run of the mill, easy way out gift idea…” But hear us out. It’s the little things that set men apart. The Bellroy Travel Wallet is just that little thing. This baby does everything you’d expect it to. It holds dad’s cards, his money, and his passport. But the coolest part? This bad boy comes equipped with RFID blocking technology. RFID-blocking wallets are designed to help protect against a specific type of theft called RFID skimming. This is where information from high frequency (13.56MHz) RFID-based credit cards, passports and transport passes are read and duplicated. James Bondish we know, but trust us. Dad will love it.

Gift Idea 8: A Pia Rossini Hendrix Scarf


Oversized Reversible Check Blue Hendrix: $63


Hey, my mom has a Pia Rossini scarf! Shhhhh, no one has to know. This is dad’s gift and sometimes you have to think outside the box. It’s blue, it has checks and it has houndstooth. That’s all he needs to know. Oversized for a woman = perfect for dad. This scarf is the ideal and unexpected gift for dad this Christmas.


Bonus Gift


Gift Idea 9: A can of Sneakerheadz Protective Spray


Protect for $20


The best way to describe Sneakerheadz Protective Spray is that it is a swiss army knife gift. Of course, it’s going to protect dad’s shoes.  But why stop there? The leather seats in his truck, the leather couch he watches the game on, mom’s handbag and even his canvas shoes. Don’t relegate this stuff to the tunnel of shoe cleanliness. It deserves more credit than that.


It goes without saying, the espy stylists are your secret weapon when it comes to finding a gift for dad this holiday season. With the NOT Black Friday Sale on the horizon, there is no better time to come in and get Christmas solved early. And in case you were wondering… yes we do have gift certificates, socks, underwear, and ties too.