Can We Talk About Your Dress?


Ah, the annual Christmas party. Every year it seems to move further away from actual Christmas. Whether it’s in early November or even into the new year, one thing for sure is that it’s never too late to think about what you’re going to be wearing to this year’s fiesta. This time around we’re going to keep the rules simple. Lose the dress. The time has come to invest in something you’ll wear more than once a year. So instead of hunting around for that dress you’re going to wear once, why not change your mindset and go for a gift to yourself that keeps on giving the whole year?


Yes, You Can Still Class It Up


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Ok, so we’re not wearing a dress. So just exactly what are we wearing? Not wearing a dress doesn’t mean we’re wearing office attire. It means chic and classy. It means hot and spicy. That’s where Joseph Ribkoff lace-bottom pants come in. Pair with a black Arianne Teri Camisole and voila, the slimming effect of black in full action. Ok great, so I’m supposed to wear all black to my Christmas party? Relax, we’re not done yet. Why not add a trendy layering piece? B.Young Ivianna Kimono. Beautiful, classy, functional, and floral. Yes, florals are still one of the hottest trends in fashion. Translation: why are you not wearing floral to the Christmas party?


Fur Baby


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Ok, can we talk about fur bombers for a second? You need. We need. Everyone needs. This one from B.Young is everything you want it to be and more. Soft, fuzzy, cozy, lovely. Stay warm and layer it over an Iris Setlakwe pleated, sleeveless blouse. And the pants? Iris Setlakwe cuffed wide leg in light grey to give you that chic, sophisticated style that the brand is known for. They truly are amazing. With this play on texture and color, you have a recipe for an effortless party look.


But Seriously, Embrace the Floral


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So to reiterate our point, yes to florals. When you’re going to go bold on the bottom, understated on the top makes the most sense. But that doesn’t mean a boring white button-up (which would also look amazing by the way). This is your Christmas party! Why not opt for a Mélissa Nepton Smarty off-white top instead? Crossed and drape design delicately knotted on the side with seamless sleeves, for modern and feminine elegance. Just what you want to be this holiday season: elegant. Now if you could only find some shoes…


Let Loose


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The Marigold Joplin pants are your new best friend. And yes you read that correctly. These are pants… So besides pretending to be a skirt, they have two side pockets which will come in handy when you need to grab your phone to snap that amazing picture for your Instagram (after 17 tries of course). Pair with a Cupcakes & Cashmere Jovelyn blouse and you’re ready to dance, accept awards, eat, drink and be merry. And yes, florals again! When the night is winding down and you’re waiting for your Uber, a Skies Are Blue black shearling will keep you warm and cozy. Your date can help too.


Glam Statement Pieces


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Sometimes simplicity is the key to everything. What if we told you that we can put a Christmas party outfit together for you under $300? Well, here it is, and wouldn’t you know it? An outfit that works all year round too. This BB Dakota metallic vegan leather bomber with ribbed trim really wants to be your designated karaoke jacket. Throw it on top of an ICHI lace spaghetti strap top and velvet joggers and channel your inner Bowie. It’s glam in its rawest form, for cheap and totally karaoke… we mean Christmas party appropriate.


It goes without saying, the espy stylists are your secret weapon to help find your Christmas party outfit. And you know what? If you want to wear a dress to the party, don’t worry we have lots of those, including the little black one… It’s party season, and we have everything you need to look amazing not only for your party but the whole year too!