The History of 34 Heritage


In 1952 a 12-year-old Sait Akarlilar apprenticed at a garnet shop in Istanbul, Turkey. The shop was located at house number 34 in the back streets of the old city. Seven years later he owned the shop. From that point on the number 34 has brought him luck. Driven by a passion for quality and more than 30 years of premium denim manufacturing for industry heavyweights Sait sought out to craft a jean that blended European craftsmanship with the urban style of Istanbul. 34 Heritage didn’t happen overnight. It took years of hard work and dedication.


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Founder of Mavi and 34 Heritage: Sait Akarlilar


Founded in 2011, 34 Heritage has evolved into the preferred denim brand for the discerning man. Sait Akarlilar, the man behind 34 Heritage, has over thirty years of experience creating premium denim products for big names in fashion. He is also the founder of Mavi Jeans. With the knowledge he has acquired from those enterprises and combining it with timeless European craftsmanship and modern designs, he has created a denim line for adults.


Fit and Feel


34 Heritage’s two-way stretch system is engineered right into the denim so that the fabric moves with your body. This allows the jeans to give when bending down and to contract when standing. Crafted with a fusion of soft ring-spun cotton, along with this stretch technology, the pants fit with comfortable precision from day one. Hand finished and featuring natural and clean washes, they look as good as they feel. Bringing an element of cosmopolitan artistry to the ultimate casual garment, 34 Heritage jeans demonstrate that quality takes time but a perfect fit doesn’t.


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The favourite among espy men: 34 Heritage Courage

34 Heritage has evolved into the preferred denim brand for the discerning man. Every jean company is known for making a great “32×32,” but many fail to address a man whose body fall outside that perfect proportion. 34 Heritage delivers progressive and sophisticated design, incorporating a perfected modern and classic fit for men of various shapes and sizes. This is where 34 Heritage continuously delivers to an audience of discerning men, building a loyal following.

34 Heritage Styles


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espy has 34 Heritage in various styles and washes.

New fall stock is arriving daily! And with 4 styles to choose from, it’ll be easy to get fit in a pair of 34 Heritage jeans by the espy stylists.
  1. Charisma: comfort rise, classic fit.
  2. Courage: mid-rise, straight leg.
  3. Cool: mid-rise, tapered leg.
  4. Naples: mid-rise, flat front, straight leg
34 Heritage has been created for today’s gentlemen. Evolved, well traveled and stylish; always insisting on the best.