Mavi Jeans


Mavi is the Turkish word for blue. It was started in 1991 by Sait Akarlilar, his daughter Elif and his son Ersin. It’s been the biggest jeans brand in Turkey since 1996. Now the company is now a global name, with distribution in the U.S., Canada, much of Europe and even Australia.

Mavi’s parent company is Erak, which Sait Akarlilar founded in 1959. They make private-label jeans for labels like Calvin Klein, Guess, Rifle and Esprit. Today, Erak’s factories in Turkey produce more than 11 million pairs of jeans a year.

The Making of Mavi



With strong denim roots, Mavi has evolved into an international apparel and accessories brand, building its success on products of superior quality and perfect fit, with 7.5 million units sold globally in 2016. Mavi currently sells in 35 different countries and its distribution platform includes flagship stores worldwide.

Denim Fitting Explained


Mavi has built a strong reputation with its unique brand and quality denim products. The brand has built success on products of superior quality and on the “Perfect Fit” strategy.


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The Perfect Fit


Almost 80 different people touch a single pair of jeans during the making of a Mavi jean. Each pair is the result of superior craftsmanship utilizing premium fabrics from the best mills around the world. Mavi believes the best way to achieve the perfect fit is to control each step of the denim-making process. They take great pride in their vertically integrated production facility in Istanbul.

Mavi uses tencel because of its soft, smooth touch, lightness and level of luxury it adds to products, but also due to the sustainability of the fiber. Mavi pushes for a cleaner, more environmentally sound global existence. Using as little water as possible throughout the entire denim making process; from the production of the fabric all the way through to the wash and finishing processes. They are continually working to reduce their carbon footprint and continuously reinventing the technology to be more gentle on the environment.


Mavi’s Mission

  1. Be a denim centered fashion brand that is close to customers.
  2. Create an exceptional experience for customers wherever Mavi is represented.
  3. Maintain passion for product quality and innovative design.
  4. Lead in product excellence, understanding of the digital world, and retail experience.
  5. Sustain a corporate culture that ensures employee trust, customer loyalty and business associates commitment.


Come see what all the hype is about. The stylists are waiting to get you fit into a pair of Mavi jeans today!