“Shoes have the power to transform body language and attitude. They lift you up both physically and emotionally.”  Christian Louboutin


This New Year, espy is making it even easier to discover the new you with the addition of shoes!


You know that espy is more than a clothing boutique. We are a shopping experience that focuses on our expertise in people. We know that you trust us to give you expert style advice. Our passion for helping everyone discover their style with us is what makes us unique. We all know that these espy characteristics help to make our clients not only look great but feel great as well.

Now, you’re probably thinking that you already know all about espy and what we do, so what’s the point in us telling you this? Well, Megan felt like there was one last step in our styling process that was missing. Something you may have found yourself wondering about before you head out the door, and a question we get asked frequently: “what shoes do I wear with this outfit?” This year, we can answer that question not only theoretically but with actual physical shoes! That’s right. We now carry shoes for both men and women.

We know that you are pumped (… get it?) about shoes coming to espy but we have a few things to tell you before you run down to Inglewood.


“I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world”

– Bette Midler


First, Shoes from Around the World

Megan and the buying team searched around the world in 2019 to find the best shoes to add to the store. They didn’t want to get the same shoes you could find elsewhere in the city. This led them to Brazil, Spain, Italy, and more and it was in these locations that they found what they were looking for: unique, stylish shoes that maintain the high quality you expect from espy.


Second, Head-to-Toe Styling

Not only were the shoes handpicked and vetted by Megan and the buying team, but each pair of shoes chosen is guaranteed to go with the clothing in the store. We will always be able to build our clients entire outfits for whatever occasion or gathering they need it for, with no need to go anywhere else!


Third, Shoes For All Feet

Buying shoes can be a pain. We get it. The shoe industry has standardized our feet and in no way is anyone’s body “standard.” We know that everyone’s body is unique and this includes our feet. Therefore, we have made sure that we brought in shoes for every foot – just like we do with our clothes. You can expect to find vast size ranges in certain styles, including a selection of different widths.


“You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes.”

– Christian Dior


Get ready to walk tall and proud in shoes from espy and #discoverthenewshoe with us. Arrivals begin this February.

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