Fifth Lesson: Accessories


Accessories are the final element that stands between making your outfit from looking good to looking great. They are an expression of your personal self. While the Back to School trend of accessories boils down to personal preference and subjectivity, the espy stylists have selected this season’s must-have’s below.


Start with the Legs


Trend Accessories Back to School

Celeste Stein Socks $23 – $43

These socks are quickly becoming the espy stylist’s favourite! Perfect for wearing with any trouser, they are available in an array of styles and patterns with an optional compression fit.


Accessory Trend 2019

Emilio Cavallini Tights. Various styles and patterns available. $29 – $33

Patterned tights can add texture and (even more) sex appeal to any little black dress. Or you can put them under distressed denim to add a feminine twist.


Move up to the Waist


Back to School Accessories Trend

Hilary MacMillan Black Corset $99

While this season’s trend is square and boxy, you can add a little shape to your outfit by breaking it up with a thick belt.


Accessories Trends Brave Belt

Brave Nida Tie Wrap Leather Belt $89

This Brave belt combines two Back to School trends: thick and wrap belts. The perfect addition to break up wide legs pants and a blouse or a nice cocktail dress.


Towards the Neck


Necklace Accessory

wellDunn Galilee Gold Necklace $63

Layering necklaces is something we all should be doing. This gold necklace from wellDunn Jewelry is gorgeous on its own but it’s also ideal to layer with other necklaces.


Accessories Trend Scarf

ICHI 100% Acrylic Large Scarf $27

Get ready for big scarves! This English tweed scarf is just enough to complete a fall look without being too heavy.


Back Down to the Wrist

Accessory Trend Bracelet

Joia Bracelet $19

Bracelets. Less high glam and a bit more accessible since they are made of resin or acetate rather than expensive metals and gems. While the trend is to stack multiples of your favourites it never hurts to keep it subtle as well.


Suede Trend

ICHI Gerda Suede Purse $39

Wallet, keys, phone. Check.


Around the Head


Darlings of Denmark Bilke Earrings $33

Designed and manufactured in Montreal, these Darlings of Denmark earrings are a great statement accessory that you can dress up or down.


Jenny Bird Medium Edie Hoops $115

Extra-long earrings can be fun, but for most of us, a pair of delicately dangly earrings might be more practical. Long but not overly so earrings made of shimmery strings or drops of metal are timelessly gorgeous and are able to work with both daytime looks and evening wear. If you’re looking for something classic and timeless, we suggest anything from Jenny Bird.

To the Head Itself


ICHI Accessory Trend Scarf

ICHI Country Blue Scarf $39

Reframe your thinking about how to wear a scarf, the newest hair accessory.


Sunglasses Accessory

b.young Vienna Sunglasses $25

Protecting your eyes has never been so affordable, and fashionable.


Touque Trendy

ICHI Fleur Touque Various Colours Available $27

Popping on a beanie or a toque is usually the go-to choice for protecting your head and ears as the weather gets cold. These hats are suited for everyone, but it’s undeniable that they are as casual as can be.

Which Back to School accessories trend are you most excited for?

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