Lesson 6: Trend Completers


So, you have your outfit all worked out but you feel like there’s one thing missing that will pull it all together. That is where completer pieces come in. They add that finishing touch to any outfit and make it well, complete. This Fall season, the Back to School trend is statement completers. These are the pieces that you’ll be adding to an already put together outfit bringing it to the next level. Below is a selection of what the espy stylists think are fantastic completer pieces that will truly make you Back to School cool.


Warm Feels


Trend Completers Moto Jacket

ICHI Teddy Bear Moto Jacket $169

The Teddy Bear Jacket. Sure, it brings to mind everything soft and snuggly, but its elegant tailoring and dramatically oversized fit give the sense of glamour and sophistication, too. It’s a great way to spice up a basic jeans and t-shirt look. Not only is it super stylish, but it will also keep you comfortable and cozy this semester.


Casual Cool


Trends Completer Plaid Jacket

BB Dakota Plaid Coat $189

As mentioned before, plaid is one Back to School go-to pattern that you can’t go wrong with this season. This boxy-cut overcoat is that wardrobe essential that offers the versatility of being dressed up or down.


Freshman Fresh


Completer Trends Trench Coat

Hilary MacMillan Satin Trench $189

This trenchcoat takes a classic wardrobe staple and gives it a modern, luxurious twist. Who doesn’t like to add a little sophistication and mystery to their outfit?


Study Break


Completer Sweater Trend

Rebecca King 3-Way Sweater $289

For those crisp Fall mornings when you’re running late for class there is nothing better than being able to throw on something warm fashionably reliable. That’s what this is. Designed and manufactured in Saskatchewan, this Rebecca King sweater will keep you warm and can be worn yep, you guessed it, 3-ways.


Sophmore Chic


Back to School: Completers

Melow Asymmetrical Jacket $219 Multiple Colours Available

Canadian designed Melow offers an asymmetrical jacket with a cut and fit that gives a shape to anyone who wears it. Perfect for the first day of class.


Effortless Cool


Joseph Ribkoff Wrap Around Crop $209

Playing with one of the must-have neutral colours of the season, Paloma, this assymetrical crop is that piece that brings your outfit from a B+ to an A effortlessly without the hours of study.


Traditional Trends


Back to School: Completers

Cream Military-Inspired Coat $269

Whenever we dawn military-inspired pieces we are not only are showing the world we’re fashionably on-trend but disciplined as well. Teachers love that.


Rebellious Youth


Bano eeMee Kim Leather Jacket $599


Leather jackets aren’t going anywhere this Back to School season. They’re always in style just like they were when you when in class way back when. Bano eeMee offers their take on a classic by leaving the traditional blacks and browns behind and embracing one of the must-have colours of the season, Vanilla Custard.

Make the pledge. I will be fashionable in 2019.


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