Rainy weather is a non-issue with AE Rainwear, the best Raincoat you’ll ever own!


ae rainwear Lyon

AE Rainwear in the style Barcelona


Picture this: you’re living in Norway – loving life and making your way through the streets and visiting local shops. You are looking good and feeling great until it starts to rain. It rained yesterday, it rained last month, and it will probably rain tomorrow because you live in a city where it rains 320 days out of the year! But you’re not worried. Why? Because you have a raincoat from locally-owned rainwear company, AE Rainwear (formally known as Blaest), which makes the best raincoat you’ll ever own.


ae rainwear Lyon

AE Rainwear in the style Lyon


AE Rainwear was founded in Norway to help combat the rainy weather and they succeeded. With a mission of “lighting up grey rainy days, with colourful rainwear and unique design,” AE Rainwear has made the ultimate high-end, high-functioning raincoat that is comfortable and flattering. They boast sealed seams which keeps the rain from penetrating the fabric, which keeps you dry as a bone no matter how much it pours. They are waterproof, windproof, and breathable.


AE Rainwear in the style Sydney


Not sure if you believe the claims? We understand, so we made a quick video to test and show you one of their raincoats in action. Take a look at the video below as our fearless leader, Megan, sings and dances in the rain with an AE jacket on – all while remaining dry – during a downpour!



espy has these jackets in the styles Barcelona, Lyon, and Sydney (above)! Available in-store or through a virtual appointment.

See you soon!