Suneet Brar

Suneet is espy’s fabulous and colorful stylist with an incredible background in fashion design. Suneet was born in Chandigarh, India. Suneet and her twin sister Puneet were always the go-to-girls for style advice. A lot of people in India get clothing customized, and Suneet was always asked to tag along to help with design and make suggestions. From fashion to hair to makeup – the twins and their fashion expertise were in high demand among family and friends.

After graduating high school, Suneet attended a college of fine arts in Chandigarh. However, after a year of studies, she decided it wasn’t for her. She had always been artistic and had won drawing competitions her whole life. She loved to create – but art was her hobby and the monotony of her studies was stifling her creative energy.

What really pushed her to leave the arts school was when her mom discovered a little diary of Suneet’s filled with hundreds of sketches of clothing and design ideas. Clothes were always Suneet’s favourite way to connect with her creative spirit. In India, there are hundreds of thousands of people applying to New Delhi design schools each year – so it was no easy task to start applying. However, her talent was recognized and she was accepted into the Pearl Academy of Fashion, with her twin sister, for the four year fashion design degree program. As part of her program, she was required to do a design internship, and she landed one with a big export house which developed European and North American brands, including Ralph Lauren.

Graduation in 2008 culminated with a final show in which Suneet created a five piece collection. Suneet’s collection was inspired by a dust bin. Her eyes had wandered over to it and she couldn’t help but notice how beautiful it was – all the colors from the junk wrappers, empty containers – it was a rainbow of trash. The idea was to reuse materials along with trash for a completely recycled and natural collection.

While in school, Suneet, her sister, and a friend worked together on a few design projects outside of class. They were hired to design a uniform for an aviation school in India, which they are still wearing to this day. The three also designed t-shirts for a group of Amsterdam students.

After graduating with honors, Suneet made her way to interviews with big design houses in India. However, the road to doing actual design would be a long one, with no guarantees. Suneet wanted to have more creative freedom and be as heavily involved on the design side as possible. So Suneet and Puneet started their own brand called SP Square (phonetically, sounds pretty familiar, hey?). Their older sister convinced them to show at an exhibition in Chandigarh, their hometown. They only had 20 pieces to show, but sold out every single piece and made tons of orders. After such a successful first showing, SP Square starting going to about five or six exhibitions a year. They also started taking appointments in their studio, and linked up with a store in Chandigarh. They focused mostly on bridal wear, but also did some other formal dresses and jackets. They now have tons of clients from Canada, the UK, and the United States.

So how exactly did this successful fashion designer come to espy in Calgary?

Her lovely husband of course! After 12 years of being together in a VERY long distance relationship, Suneet moved to Calgary in 2011, but split her time between here and India. Suneet and her sister both took some time off from their company, but Puneet eventually started it up again and now runs it successfully on her own.

After doing some traveling around Canada, Suneet decided to start looking for a position in Calgary. However, as Canada does a lot of outsourcing in the design department, Suneet found design jobs in Calgary to be few and far between. In the middle of an Internet search, Suneet happened to come across the espy website and got to reading the blogs. On a whim, she sent her resume, but didn’t hear anything. She came to the store a little while later, resume in hand. Obviously an impressive fashion background, Suneet was asked to come hang out during a big sample sale and party to get a feel for the espy experience. Next thing she knew she was styling all of you!

Being a stylist allows Suneet to utilize all her pent up creativity as well as use all her knowledge from the industry as a designer to properly fit you. She loves to send a woman out the door looking and feeling amazing in a new outfit.

Suneet’s own style can be summed up in one word – colorful! Suneet’s style is nothing if not bold. She loves anything and everything in leopard print. When she’s shopping for herself, if she finds something she loves, she will buy it in every color. Suneet is really into silhouettes because it gives her another opportunity to get creative around necklines, sleeves and shapes.

The best style advice Suneet can give is to be open to ideas and wear things that fit. Don’t be afraid to try something different – you never know what you can be inspired by!

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