espy values and promotes self-love and encourages everyone (staff, clients, neighbors) to be happy, do what they love, and positively impact others by helping them feel good about themselves. In addition to always receiving a free style consultation with every visit, we also offer dedicated personal shopping by appointment. There are many benefits to having a professional stylist shop with you, but there are a few key reasons why we think everyone should undergo the personal shopping experience at least once:


  • You receive dedicated one-on-one interaction and assistance from an espy stylist.
  • The right products are found for you– a stylist can look at product and effortlessly pick out the right styles for your body type and pull the appropriate size (all brands fit differently).
  • A focused and learned eye will gather the products for you efficiently; an espy stylist can find in a day what might take you a year to find on our own.
  • An espy stylist will find clothes with your personal style in mind and will put together outfits that you might not have created yourself, with the added bonus of fitting perfectly and looking fabulous!


Before booking your appointment, please refer to our Services page and get acquainted as to what services we offer and which service is right for you.