Puneet Brar

Position: Fashion Stylist, Menswear Specialist

When you first see Puneet at espy, you may feel like you already know her as she is Suneet’s identical twin sister! espy is so excited to have the dynamic duo working together on its styling team!

Puneet has always loved fashion and everything about it. From dressing up her dolls to dressing up everyone around her, fashion has always inspired her. Sketching portraits and designs was one of her favourite things to do growing up.

After finishing grade 12 in the city she grew up in, Chandigarh, India, Puneet attended a Fine Arts School for a year, but soon realized that she wanted to pursue a career in Fashion. The next year she enrolled in a 4-year design program in a Fashion Design School in New Delhi, called Pearl Academy of Fashion.

After graduating, Puneet and Suneet decided to start their our own brand, “SP Square”. They made a big sale at their very first exhibition and everyone was talking about their vibrant, colourful styles. They were designing western formal wear including cocktail dresses, skirts, couture gowns and Indian bridal wear. Puneet worked as a Director and Designer for SP Square since its inception in 2008, and enjoyed every minute of those 6 years!

Puneet and her husband moved to Calgary in January 2015, as Puneet wanted to be close to her twin sister Suneet, after spending several years apart. It was then a natural fit for Puneet to join the espy team!

Puneet loves the energy at espy and looks forward to working with all the stylists on the floor. Styling is fun for Puneet and she enjoys the process of creating new outfits for people. She is enthralled with having the opportunity to be learning all the time about the culture, people, and fashion.

Puneet specializes in styling menswear at espy. However, she is very versatile with her background in fashion design, so she is able to work with both men and women to style them in appropriate looks for their body type and personal style. Giving a customer more than what he or she asks for, and seeing the happiness on their face, is one of the most satisfying feelings Puneet has experienced in this profession.

The best day at espy for Puneet has been #nakedespy! 72 men in their underwear is sure to make for a fun day! Puneet felt that the energy was great, the guys were good sports, and everything was well planned and smoothly executed. The event was unlike any she had experienced before and looks forward to being apart of the next #nakedespy!

Though Puneet is a twin, she has a personal style all of her own. Puneet loves garments that are crisp with clean-cut lines. Above all, pieces have to FIT and FEEL great!! As a stylist she loves to experiment, but she is discovering a whole new fashion world working at espy. She dresses for the day depending on how she feels when she wakes up! There are days when she’s all casual, in jeans and a t-shirt, and other days when she’s all dressed up, in a fitted leopard print dress or a Stop Staring dress. Regardless of the look, Puneet is always put together with eye-catching and colourful accessories. As a fashionista who can pull off nearly any style, it is hard for Puneet to sum up her style in just a few words!

Being a lover of layers, Puneet’s go-to outfit is a pair of dark Fidelity skinny jeans with a polka dot shirt and a sweater over top. Of course she likes to roll the cuffs out, add a statement necklace, and complete the look with a pair of nude heels.

“A person can never go wrong if you stick to classics. Of course a lot of us want to experiment and have the latest in style, but if you want to get the most bang for your buck, then invest in classics as they never go out of style.”

Puneet’s fashion advice for the stylist in you: “A person can never go wrong if you stick to classics. Of course a lot of us want to experiment and have the latest in style, but if you want to get the most bang for your buck, then invest in classics as they never go out of style.”

With having a background in fashion design, it’s no surprise that Puneet’s favourite outfit is a custom made two-piece she designed for herself. It’s a beautiful white long skirt with rose gold printed roses and a hand embroidered sequins crop top. She feels like a glamorous diva when wearing it!

There’s more to this fashionista than just her great style! Puneet has an athletic side. She was a national level sprinter and she used to train 2 times a day back in school. She has trekked to the Mount Everest base camp, which she describes as being a humbling experience and something that she would love to do again. Next on her bucket list is going to Kilimanjaro.

This well-rounded stylist possesses a wealth of knowledge about the world of fashion. Be sure to stop at espy and say hi to Puneet. See if you can pass the test of telling the difference between Puneet and her twin sister Suneet! Keep in mind that the most gratifying experience for Puneet is seeing that smile on her client’s face when they look and feel great in an outfit she styled them in!

Be styled by the colourful, pleasant, and professional Puneet – it will make both of your days brighter!!!

You can contact Puneet at: puneet@espyexperience.com