espy Testimonials

We love our customers and they love us too.

Here are some of the kind words passed on to us by our clients.

The simplest part of what ESPY does is sell clothes; but there are hundreds of places that do that.  What ESPY does at its core is sell me the right clothes for me.  They sell clothes that give me confidence just by putting them on and when my friends tell me that I look better, slimmer, happier that confidence doubles.  When I ask that girl out I’ve been holding back on for months (in my comfortable classy jeans and stylish and maybe a little too loud shirt), and she says yes that confidence doubles again.  The clothes you buy may come in a simple white paper bag, or a black suit bag, but what is inside that bag is the more than just clothes, it is actually the confidence to go out and live a better, happier life.

Just like the jeans themselves the stylists will stretch you to try something a little outside of your box.  Never pushing, but always being honest (good and bad) they get me clothes that make me the best me.  I remember the first time I went in and thought I was buying the tightest jeans I ever would….. I am now 3 styles narrower.  The stylists worked with me for years to get me to where I am, and that place is a happy, confident person.

I want to thank Megan and her team for everything they have done, I don’t know if they realize the lives they change on a daily basis but you changed my life for the better!

Thank You!


espy is not just a store, it is definitely an experience! The amazing staff make you feel more like a friend than a customer. The focus from the moment you walk in the door is about finding what you are looking for and what looks good on you. I always leave the store with some great clothes but also with a renewed sense of my beauty. Megan and the entire staff at espy have helped me see my inner beauty on the outside by helping me find clothes that flatter me and make me feel amazing when I wear them. Once you start shopping at espy, shopping everywhere else will seem like a chore!



Shopping at Espy is a wonderful and unique experience. For someone stylistically challenged, such as myself, the professional stylists are a must. They select pieces that I would not normally pick out for myself and they work beautifully together. I have shopped for casual wear, business attire, denim and formal occasions and had success in each endeavor. The stylists give an honest opinion when you walk out of the change room and make the needed adjustments whether it is with size, cut or designer. Whether you’re a fashion savant or an inexperienced shopper, espy will have you looking your best.


I first walked into espy over a year ago and had no idea where to start. From a very eclectic mix of clothing, I had no idea how to put things together or what I liked. Before walking out, Charlotte greeted me with a beautiful smile and this was the start to not only a great working relationship but a newfound friend! Charlotte explained the concept at espy and I was sold! She would pull different pieces of clothing that would work well for me both on a personal and business side. I absolutely loved all the combinations of outfits she put together and let’s just say I didn’t leave empty handed! A few months down the road, I had Charlotte over to my place to do a Closet Intervention. This was fantastic and really gave me a sense of what I truly needed to make my wardrobe complete. Whenever I need an update to my closet or a great outfit for an event, I call on Charlotte and the espy team. I highly recommend taking a chance and trying something new. You won’t be disappointed!


I knew 5 minutes after I walked into espy in 2009 that I would become a lifelong shopper. I tried on a pair of pants, walked out to admire myself, and Megan exclaimed that my  “ass just gained 20 lbs”. While some may have been startled and offended, I laughed, and appreciated the honesty with which the critique was given. I walked out with several items that day, (sans the pants), and have come back for fittings regularly since (often with friends and husband in tow!)

Megan and staff have mastered the craft of being able to read their clients, their tastes, and always make the espy experience one that keeps you coming back. Their knowledge of product, unique inventory and fun approach to their clientele is hands on, personal, and different from every other shopping experience. I feel like I’m coming in to see friends, all the while picking up brands that I cannot get my hands on anywhere else.

espy shopper for life!


The clothes are fantastic, although I have to say the espy experience transcends mere clothing. It is more about confidence, style, and lifestyle. I find you and your stylists are more like family and friends  than anything else. Not many retailers go beyond products and build a sense of community like you have managed to do in this city. My daughter also agrees, it is more about attitude and self esteem. We look forward to all the parties and sales and always make time to visit.  Thank you all!