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We specialize in denim fittings for both men and women and will help you find jeans that make you look and feel amazing, no matter how long or short your legs or the size of your bum! From our denim fittings to custom made suits and shirts for men, makeup, skincare, closet interventions and wardrobe makeovers - we have something for everyone.

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Charlotte Hunter

espy’s Summer Denim Sale!!

espy's summer denim sale!


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Written By
Charlotte Hunter

Curvy Girl Denim; How CJ by Cookie Johnson Achieves the Perfect Curvy fit.

curvy girl denim

Jean shopping is often categorized as being on the same hated level as swimsuit shopping.  This common categorization is fair, especially if your body type isn’t ‘mainstream’ in regards to product offered at most boutiques or department stores.  However,  here at espy we pride ourselves on being able to fit a variety of body types and strive to make denim shopping an exciting venture instead of a dreaded one.  One brand in particular that we carry is amazing for what we call ‘curvy girl denim’; CJ by Cookie Johnson is an industry leader for the amazing fit and comfort they provide for girls with curves.

A lot of blogs about curvy girl denim will just give a list or brands to check out, but we wanted to take it one step further by explaining how the fit and comfort factor are achieved with these jeans. The reasons below are just a few examples of how CJ by Cookie Johnson makes these jeans with your curves in mind!

“Curvy Girl Denim” Explained:

1.Contour Waistband

A contour waistband is a great invention in ladies denim – but especially if you have curves! A lot of ladies with a bodacious booty will have a lot of problems finding a waistband that doesn’t have a huge gap at the top.  The gap occurs because the waist is tiny compared to the curve of the bum, so in order to get a size to fit the legs and bum, you’ll get a waistband that fits too big.  Contour Waistbands to the rescue! These waistbands are cut 2-3 inches higher in the back rise and have a regular rise in the front. Therefore this waistband sits at a smaller part of the waist and is cut on a gradual taper – by the time you reach the top of the waistband it is lying nice and flat against the smallest part of your waist! Not to mention you don’t have to worry about what the world sees every time you go to pick something up!

2. Skinnies are not for Curvy Girls (WRONG!!!)

A common statement made on blogs explaining the most flattering cuts for curvy girls.  They often say that the slimmest cut you should try is a straight leg because you will balance out your curve by having a slim to wide cut on the lower half of your body.  While this statement isn’t completely wrong, what is better to say is that there are certain skinnies out there that are cut for your curves and will make you feel great too! The CJ by Cookie Johnson Joy legging and Peace Skinny are two jeans that are the right type of skinnies for your body type; they have ingeniously designed the seams of these jeans to be cut with curve!  What that means is that before you slip on a pair of these skinnies, the designer has already cut curve into the seam of the thigh and calf to accommodate the curves of your body – the result being that these skinnies will be just as comfortable as that pyjama onesie that you wear around the house sometimes!

3. Comfort Denim and Size Scales

The other thing that Cookie Johnson is committed to when creating her curvy girl denim, is to use denim fabrics that have stretch for comfort but that will not bag out.  Many denim designers use stretch denim of course- however there is a Cookie Johnson jean phenomena that occurs almost every time a lady comes out of the change room in a pair of her jeans – she usually is beaming from ear to ear as she tests the stretch of her jeans by either performing a lunge or squat motion and exclaims.. “but they are just so comfortable!!”.  Don’t believe us? Come and try them on – you’ll see!

Perhaps just as important as the comfort factor is the size scale factor, Cookie Johnson cuts her plus size jeans (size 14-20) on a different size scale than her regular line of jeans (size 24-36)- so if you are a petite curvy girl you can also buy Cookie Johnson jeans!!  This perhaps seemingly obvious detail doesn’t always happen in denim design rooms and can create that even if a pair of jeans claim to be plus size, they may not have a great fit because they have been size scaled the same way as non plus size denim.

So there you have it, the inner workings of why we love CJ by Cookie Johnson denim!  If you’ve got curves girl, these are the jeans for you!

Much Love and Cheers to Cookie for making these jeans!


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