Helen Kerr

Helen is espy’s resident “Jill of all trades,” originally hailing from Aotearoa, or for us Canadians wondering where that is – New Zealand. Helen has been in Calgary for 4 years, but did call YYC home once before, and has lived here for a cumulative 8 years. She pursued post-secondary education at Thomson Rivers University in British Columbia, which ultimately led her to the woods. Helen’s previous work experience is varied, but the most notable job included running around in the woods, doing mark-recaputre studies on small mammals. When she wasn’t venturing through the forest, Helen was expertly crafting caffeinated beverages at Starbucks, which put her through University. A true renaissance woman, Helen has done every job from hotel housekeeping to managing an office and everything in between.

Helen came across espy after a string of events involving dogs, Calgary’s dog-prohibitive housing market, moving to Inglewood and being in the right place at the right time. Although fashion was not her calling in life, she really enjoys working in the back end of the business and loves the variety of projects she is able to tackle. Her favourite days are those when a big project comes to completion. Helen loves the truly unique nature of each day at espy, especially when looking to those around her. She is fascinated by the fact that some days everyone is dressed in crazy wild outfits and the next day they are casual in their favourite jeans.  Helen’s wardrobe has definitely evolved since starting at espy– she admits her previous look gave off the “wandering around the woods” vibe.

The people are Helen’s favourite part of working at espy!

Helen sees that everyone loves being here and appreciates the supportive nature of everyone on the team. Helen believes that the espy team is amazing and that you can sense it from the energetic/inviting atmosphere when you walk in the door.

Helen describes her personal style as a jeans and a T-shirt kind of a girl. That said, working at espy has improved the quality and look of the jeans and the T-shirts have evolved into more stylish shirts!

Helen’s best fashion advice is to not be afraid to try what the stylists suggest.  You have nothing to lose by trying on something you’d never think to wear, but there’s a chance you’ll re-discover your style and find something that makes you look and feel amazing!

Helen might not be the one finding your perfect date night outfit, but is always happy to connect you with a stylist! Helen’s fashion inspiration comes from fabulous espy stylist Suneet! She’s always impressed by the outfit choices Suneet comes up with for her.

Last but not least, one of Helen’s most important roles at espy is being Bruno’s nanny.  You’ve probably seen her walking around Inglewood with him in tow.  Sometimes she even goes a little crazy and walks her own dog (a husky greyhound) at the same time.  They may get a lot of funny looks, but they’re always making people smile!