espy experience values and promotes self-love and encourages everyone (staff, clients, neighbours) to be happy, do what they love, and positively impact others by helping them feel good about themselves.

espy experience is a service oriented fashion boutique providing a luxury customer experience at affordable prices. Due to our rapid growth trajectory, we are always open to shiny new talent to drive the business forward and help us grow.

Current Opening:


espy in-house Tailor


What you do:

As the in-house tailor at espy, you play an integral role in elevating the service experience and the brand’s reputation for quality by altering clothing to fit our individual customers. You will collaborate with Stylists to discern customer preferences.

Your responsibilities as the Tailor are as follows:

Customer Service
  • Execute quality alterations with an uncompromising regard for the customer’s best interest
  • Prioritize alternations within the required turn-around time
  • Address customer concerns regarding alterations when required
  • Pin items on customers (whenever possible) to ensure accuracy
  • Ensure alterations are properly labelled and organized/tracked
  • Collaborate with Stylists, training on proper pinning and educating on alterations process/results
  • Maintain a tidy work area, clear the staff area table after each use
  • Complete miscellaneous duties as required (ie. repair floor stock)
Business Competency
  • Communicate issues and setbacks in a timely manner, to reduce the consequences of bottlenecks in alterations
  • Replenish supply of thread/needles/etc. as needed
  • Standardize processes for heavy-volume alterations (ie. denim hemming) to maximize speed and minimize mistakes


30-40 hours per week depending on alteration sale volume

Required experience:

1-3 years working as a tailor with menswear


The successful applicant will complete an alterations test and 4-6 weeks of Part Time training (if necessary) with our current tailor before transitioning to the Full Time in-house tailor role.

The alterations test will include:

  • Suit Jacket/Sports Blazer: shorten length, shorten sleeves with button holes
  • Shirts: darts, shorten sleeves, shorten hem
  • Denim: basic, original, blind hem
  • Pant: waist take-in
  • Machine and hand-stitch work


            espy experience has an in-house tailor studio and the necessary machines.

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