#nakedespy is Back.


We’ve missed you, #nakedespy.

How does a fashion boutique in the heart of Inglewood shine a spotlight on prostate cancer, early detection, and men’s health? Simple. 100 guys strip down to their underwear to not only raise awareness but money for the Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre.


Participants cross 9th Ave in the annual #nakedespy parade


How it works.

  1. Official registration – participants are required to make an initial donation in the amount of $200 to secure their spot in #nakedespy
  2. Approximately 6 weeks of fundraising and competing against one another to raise as much money as possible
  3. Attend the #nakedespyevent for even MORE fun with the guys not to mention a chance to be the next reigning Mr. Nakedespy or win a variety of prizes from our sponsors!
  4. Yes, the Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre’s Man Van will be on site for the event


What you can expect



The history behind #nakedespy.


The inaugural #nakedespy took place in 2010 when Megan’s dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Wondering what espy could do to raise awareness for those affected in the community, #nakedespy was born. A fun event where 100 guys would raise not only money but awareness about men’s health. In turn, they would receive over $1000 of clothes as a gift from espy for their fundraising efforts and get to attend an all-day men’s event. By the second year, men were begging to take part.


What we need from you.


  1. Apply online to participate
  2. Receive a follow-up email from espy to set up and appointment to come in to get fitted for your clothing package
  3. Pay the $200 registration fee
  4. Set up your fundraising page online with the espy team
  5. Fundraise from February 22 – March 30 using your online form (all funds go directly to the Calgary Prostate Cancer Centre)
  6. Attend the #nakedespyevent on March 30


A quick breakdown of the grand finale event.


After 5 weeks of hard work fundraising, the final event takes place. AKA the part that everyone has been looking forward to. This years event takes place on March 30th from 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

  1. Arrive at espy to take photos
  2. Strip down to your free 2UNDR Underwear (hence the “naked” part of #nakedespy)
  3. You line up outside of espy naked to prepare for the infamous #nakedespyParade
  4. A cheeky outdoor workout is led by a local fitness instructor
  5. You and the crew of gents parade down 9th Avenue causing a ruckus at many local restaurants and having a quick drink (approximately 10 blocks total)
  6. You’ll return to espy and be dressed in your new clothes
  7. An 18+ show takes place inside espy along with food and drinks
  8. Awards ceremony (this is the part where we crown you the next Mr. Nakedespy)
  9. A few speeches + thank you’s are given out by the espy team
  10. The #naked2dress party takes place to celebrate the end of the event! (All participants are looking extra dapper at this point in their new clothes)


A visual for you.


#nakedespy 2017 parade

2017 #nakedespy parade in Banff


#nakedespy 2015 workout

2015 outdoor workout led by Kelsey Andries


#nakedespy 2014 outdoor workout

2014 outdoor workout in the cold


#nakedespy 2017 banff

2017 photos in the mountains before the event


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