Unsure what to put in their stocking?



Get them something they’ll go crazy for this year, but keep it simple. Don’t stress yourself out over the holidays, we’ve got it handled. For the lazy who can’t think for themselves, here are our top picks for 2018. Keep it affordable but meaningful this Holiday season.



Our Top Gift Ideas Under $100



ICHI Metallic Socks


ICHI Sock Box

3-Pack of trendy metallic socks $27.00


Good Luck Socks


Good Luck Dinosaur Socks

Good Luck Socks come in a variety of eccentric patterns, not just Holiday! They range from $13.00 – $19.00




Commando Grams

These will make your mom, sister, daughter, cousin, aunt or niece smile every time they put their panties on. Commando is known for their seamless panties that feel as though you’re not wearing underwear at all. Commando-grams are $39.00.


Commando Seamless Bodysuit


Commando Mock Neck Body Suit

This seamless bodysuit is the ultimate layering piece and a favourite among the entire espy staff. It lays flat and isn’t see-through, plus you don’t have to worry about size, one-size-fits-all! Priced at $99.00.


White Stuff Cheeky Mugs


White Stuff Cheeky Mugs

That one person that loves their wine and prosecco? Help them drink what they love the most all day, every day with these cheeky mugs from White Stuff. Priced at $29.00.


Adesso Suspenders


Adesso suspenders are the perfect touch for any suave gentleman. Priced at $59.00 and come in many patterns.


Barefoot Venus All-Natural Products


Barefoot Venus Creams + Lip Balms

New at espy, these adorable minis are perfect for any purse. All the scents are amazing plus they repair your hands and lips. All are $7.00.


Villains + Mindful Precious Stone Bracelets


Villains large precious stone beaded bracelet $25.00.


Mindful precious stone bracelets $25.00.


SAXX, Pullin + 2UNDR Men’s Underwear


SAXX, Pullin, 2UNDR

A common favourite among all men, new underwear that provides comfort all day. Priced from $33.00 – $39.00.


Rescue Design Leather Earrings


Repurposed leather earrings

Repurposed leather turned into earrings, locally made. All at $59.00.


PARC Genuine Leather Belts


Parc Belts

Variety of genuine leather belts from PARC are perfect for any guy. Priced at $59.00.



Happy Holidays