STANTT Shirting


espy caters to all body types and sizes. We understand that sometimes off the rack just won’t cut it. Alterations to garments can compromise their integrity and affect their overall aesthetic. Consequently, changing a garment’s intended fit can become extremely costly.

Above all, we believe those seeking clothing that is made by them, for them, customization is the way to go. New to Calgary and exclusive to espy, welcome to STANTT custom made-to-measure shirting.

Traditional sizing for men’s garments has been around since the 1860s. For 15% of the men out there, traditional sizing works. In contrast, the remaining 85% are left accepting the status quo. As a result, STANTT is challenging the rules and building a new approach regarding fit with 1 goal in mind – make it simple.


The Traditional Way


How it works


3D modelling software using thousands of body scans and millions of data points have given STANTT 99 unique sizes. The resulting algorithm derived from these scans has made it easy for anyone to find their perfect fit using 3 simple measurements- chest, waist and sleeve.

These measurements are linked to one of the 99 uniquely sized shirts from STANTT. You’ll try on the shirt that corresponds to your unique measurements. From this point, we can determine what modifications need to be made and adjust accordingly. 

It really is that easy. Volume up.


All of the espy stylists are experts in fit and trained to use STANTT’s sizing algorithm. We leave the rest up to you including choosing the colour, fabric and style of your STANTT shirt. The best part? Once your measurements are recorded, finding a new shirt that is tailored for you, by you will be a breeze with every visit to espy.


Your custom shirting experience starts at $250. Begin your experience by booking an appointment and discover your perfect fit today.