Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…


Ugh, Can you believe they’re playing Christmas music already? Well like it or not Christmas is a month away. At this point in time you might have what to get your wife/mom/girlfriend thoughts starting to crawl into your mind. And if you don’t, you should, it’s a jungle out there. Seriously though, what are you going to get her this Christmas?

Fear not grasshopper, we have the answer. What she needs is, wait, what she wants is a new coat this Christmas.


Things Your Wife Wants But Will Never Tell You…



Sentaler Shawl-Collar Wrap Coat: $1495


Ok here’s the deal. These coats are ultra popular. So popular that there is literally a handful left for purchase this season. They’re ultra popular because some princess wears them when she travels to cold places. Now that might not mean anything to you, but it means something when it comes to HER… What woman doesn’t want to feel like a princess everytime she puts on her jacket? With a Sentaler signature wrap coat, that’s what happens. Each coat is precisely crafted with hand finishes using the world’s finest and rare fabric, alpaca.

The fiber is obtained by sheering alpaca animals, which thrive in the high altitude of the Peruvian Andes. Their hair has developed microscopic air pockets that provide superior thermal insulation, which makes each coat extremely warm, lightweight and soft to the touch.

Alpaca garments do not mat, pill, stain, lose shape or color. Unlike wool, alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic and very comfortable for sensitive skin. Come to think of it, they’re ultra popular because they are a showcase of functional Canadian luxury and design.

*Available in Ruby (shown)

Things Your Wife Wants But Will Never Tell You: Part 2



Sentaler Ribbed Sleeve Moto Jacket: $1095


Maybe she’s not feeling the wrap coat. Why not opt for the moto jacket instead? This way she can upgrade her denim or leather jacket. This baby completes any outfit with a stylish and contemporary silhouette. It’s edgy yet elegant, just like her. Equipped with the same attributes as the wrap coat like warmth and softness espy is literally one of the few places on the planet right now to get Sentaler this holiday season.

You can see our entire inventory of Sentaler here.



Or you Could Get Her This One…


Malika Rajani Lancy Leather Knit Jacket: $899


Malika Rajani is an independent Canadian designer that creates clothing for the stylish, modern woman. AKA your woman. Her designs are unconventional with a contemporary edge. Their modern aesthetic makes each piece uniquely distinct, incorporating intricate and edgy details into each and every creation. To put this in terms you’ll understand, they’re badass and she’s going to love getting a Malika piece from under the tree this Christmas.



Wait! Get Her This One


BB Dakota Textured Vegan Leather Jacket: $169



Still, fashion’s super trend: florals. The floral embroidery detail on this BB Dakota leather bomber is a must have for her this Christmas. Feeling a little scared about buying her a jacket? Fear not, the espy stylists are here to help! They’ll make sure you get a jacket that will (a) fit, (b) flatter, (c) make you look like you know what you’re doing when it comes to getting the perfect gift for her this Christmas.


This One is Nice Too…


Mavi Samantha Jean Jacket: $169


How Calgary appropriate, a denim jacket. The temperature can dip to ungodly numbers during the winter. It’s nice for her to have that one thing in her closet to throw on when a chinook blows through. This is that thing! A classic denim jacket cut for a feminine fit and saturated in inky color gets a cozy-glam upgrade with a neck-warming collar of plush faux fur. She’s going to love it.


Function + Fashion


Navante Donna Down Jacket: $633


Margarita Voultsos has been designing outerwear for the past 13 years. She was the head designer at Canada Goose for five of those years and now the Canadian-based maker is braving the brutal winters in Canada and elsewhere with the outerwear line Navante.

“Avante” is a French word that means “to lead.” Navante put an “N” in front of Avante because they’re the Northern leaders in industry firsts. Navante three-in-ones jackets have been built to function together as you can access your interior liner from your outer shell. This is outerwear innovation and technology that constantly pushes the envelope.


Lightweight, durable water-repellent shell fabric, branded trims, pockets lined with suede tricot. Interior passport pocket, usable smartphone pocket, security pocket with zipper closure and WARM. Give her the gift of function and fashion this year.


It goes without saying, the espy stylists are your secret weapon when it comes to finding a gift for her this holiday season. There’s a month left to find that perfect gift! You’ve got this. And if a new coat isn’t in the cards this year we have everything you need to help her look amazing this Christmas but the whole year too!

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