Personal Branding

Have you recently changed careers or want a new signature look to make your mark on your industry?

Our espy fashion stylists can help you!

The espy Personal Branding Process

After an interview, your fashion stylist will have a grasp of your lifestyle, career, and current style. With an understanding of who you are and what you want to be known and remembered for, your fashion stylist will pull outfits for you to create your desired signature look. A before and after photo will be taken of you, so you can see the transformation!

When creating your personal brand, the number one point to remember is consistency. Whether a client looks you up on your website or on a social media platform, they should find you with a similar look and consistent story. Also, whether you bump into someone in the grocery store or on your way to a meeting, you should appear presentable and always be representing your brand through your appearance. This doesn’t mean you need to wear a full suit to the grocery store, but rather, your casual look for running errands should represent you and make you feel confident. Your fashion stylist will provide you with looks for each aspect of your life, so you will be prepared for any activity or occasion.

Your Personal Branding Experience

Our personal branding service is an extension of the espy styling experience that we provide to all of our customers when they walk in the door! Though you never need an appointment to be styled and receive our luxury service, we do request that you email us at to book an appointment for this elevated service. Booking an appointment ensures that you will have an espy fashion stylist ready and available to give you one on one service when you arrive. With a purchase over $300, there is no additional charge for this service, as sharing our fashion styling expertise is just what we do!