Lotus Sikina

Position: Marketing Coordinator, Stylist


Lotus holds the distinction of being espy’s first employee ever at just 10 years old. But that was then and this is now. Things have come full circle for Lotus, she is all grown up and back on the espy team but this time as a womenswear stylist. Born and raised in Calgary, Lotus might be small in stature but her heart and personality have bloomed and flourished like the flower she is named after.


Lotus loves doing things that challenge her mentally and creatively. Whether it’s practicing yoga, making her own kombucha, drawing or dancing all night, she is always up for an adventure. On top of that, Lotus is the ultimate people person. This shines through in her ability to connect with her clients through her love and expertise of denim. Her ideal client is someone who struggles with their body and finding the perfect pair of jeans. Lotus has proven that with a positive attitude and an obsessive passion for denim she can always find the right pair of jeans for anyone she is working with.


Influenced by her mom in terms of fashion, Lotus loves turning masculine silhouettes and pieces into something more edgy, sexy and feminine. Her go-to outfit is an oversized shirt and fashion jeans paired with some really great kicks. She loves the direction women’s fashion is headed with more relaxed, looser fitting pieces. She has her fingers crossed that this will continue.


Lotus’ best life experiences have come via travel. When abroad, she loves finding places that feel like home. She has experienced this in her travels to Santa Monica, and various parts of Germany. She plans on future trips to California and beyond in the future. Her best friend and biggest cheerleader is her grandmother Heidi. Lotus constantly draws guidance and inspiration from her love and support. In turn, she has taken all that love and positivity and made it reciprocal to those around her, especially those on the espy team.


Currently enrolled at U of C Lotus hasn’t quite figured out what her long-term future holds. For now, we’re glad to have her back. You can book your own personal style appointment with Lotus by clicking here!


Preferred Coffee Order: Black, venti (iced or hot).

Preferred Ice Cream Order: Mint chocolate.

Favorite Book: “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss.

Follow Lotus on Instagram: @lotussikina