Clark Whetstone

Position: Menswear Specialist, Denim Fit Expert

All of our stylists are memorable—making a (fashion) statement is their job, after all. Arguably, though, there’s never been a more cherished character (by clients and colleagues alike) than the dashing, Clark Whetstone. Imagine the fanfare, then, that has come along with the announcement that Clark is back in action with Espy. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have him back on board and he couldn’t be more thrilled about helping all of you get your wardrobes situated for fall!

Check out what this dashing dude’s personal fashion philosophy is, what he’ll be adding to his closet this fall and a few more fun facts below. Then get your cute butt down to the store and come welcome him back in person.

Your personal style philosophy is:

I’ll try anything once. It’s just about how I feel when I wake up that day. I’m kind of a chameleon.

If you could shop at any three stores for the rest of your life—besides espy, of course!—what would they be

Alexander McQueen, a department store like Nordstrom, so I can get access to lots of different brands, and I’m all about H&M. I love mixing super high-end pieces with fillers from more budget-friendly stores.

It’s a fall Sunday afternoon in Calgary. Where are you, what are you doing and most importantly, what are you wearing?

Honestly, I’m probably either doing yoga class or meditation, so I’m likely in sweats.

Heading into fall, what are the pieces that are going to be on repeat in your wardrobe?

Chunky scarf, leather jacket, and coloured jeans in hues like burgundy, sage green and teal.

What do you love about what you do?

I’ve worked every aspect of retail and I feel most natural in styling. It’s the most fun for me because I get to be very experimental and open people’s eyes and help them see themselves in a completely different light. Growing up, fashion actually wasn’t much a priority for me, but I got scouted as a model at 16 and was sort of thrust into it. Modelling wasn’t for me, but the experimentation and ability to put on a different outfit and feel completely transformed definitely was. That’s the part I love.

Your house is on fire—sorry about that! Assuming your pet, photo albums and family heirlooms are safe, what are you saving from your wardrobe?

My Alexander McQueen scarf, my Lady Gaga T-shirt, my combat boots and my Seven Diamonds leather jacket.

Do you take a different approach to styling yourself as you do for others?

Yes, absolutely. When I wake up in the morning, I see myself in a different light every day and I dress accordingly. When I’m styling a client I have to assess their needs, their personal style and what they like. If I think something will look fantastic, obviously I will suggest it, but it’s ultimately up to them if it suits their taste, needs and budget.

What’s your best bargain/sale shopping story?

Honestly, I don’t really have one. If I like it, I’ll buy it. Life’s very short, you’ve got to treat yourself.