You’ve heard of Bruno Mars, but have you ever heard of Bruno the Basset hound? Like his pop star counterpart, our Bruno has a flare for fashion and his dance moves aren’t half bad (you should see him dance in a circle).  He’s also our in-store celebrity.

When our furriest staff member isn’t acting as an adorable doorstop to invite shoppers in, he’s acting as our on-floor ambassador. There’s no denying that he’s a “lover of dogs and small humans”, but if you have Cheerios in your purse or stroller, he’ll be more attentive than usual when you visit.

Our resident dapper gent

Our regulars will tell you it’s an espy rite of passage to have Bruno join you in the change room. We all know that finding the perfect pair of jeans or classic cocktail dress can be a trying task at times, but with Bruno standing watch in his favourite change room chair (he really has no idea those are for clients), you can put your mind at ease; because he’s always willing to give you an honest second opinion. Be sure to keep an eye out for when his tail wag quickens. That’s his nod of approval on the rear view of your denim; his way of saying your booty game is on point.

Beyond barking on cue, rolling over on command and playing a very convincing game of dead, our Basset boy is also a team player when it comes to keeping the shop clean thanks to his ears which double as a push broom. Our top dog is 100 percent dedicated to the espy Experience and never shies away from working long hours, unless one of his neighbourhood pals drops by for a visit.

However, Bruno’s skills don’t stop there. Though he falls under the typically lively astrological sign of Gemini (feel free to wish him a happy birthday with one of his favourite liver treats on June 29), it’s Bruno’s calming presence that makes him an incredible asset with styling and client care – especially for those parents shopping with children.  If you do bring your kids in with you, don’t be afraid to leave them with the Basset babysitter. He’s happy to help enhance your visit however he can.