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Your affordable designer boutique located in Inglewood. We have a wide range of price points, and offer quality made fashions for men and women; with a specialization in Canadian designed goods.

We are all fashion stylists by trade, showing you how to dress and love the body you have. We will shop for you, with you, and share the latest styling tips; all while giving our honest professional opinion. If something doesn’t look right or fit properly, we will tell you and find something that will suit your body perfectly. Know that at espy we cater to all sizes and occasions.

Whether you’re adding to your wardrobe, or starting from scratch – the espy experience is for you.

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Fall Denim, Fall Shoes: Heels

Fall Denim, Fall Shoes   Ok, we've looked at flats and boots and we're continuing our mission to answer the question that has been plaguing women since the moment jeans were invented… what shoes do I wear with my denim? Are flats flattering with a fringe hem? Does an...

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espy Outerwear Sale: October 21st & 22nd!

For one weekend only espy is taking over the lobby of the Atlantic Arts Building (the espy building lobby) for a showcase of Canadian designers and one-of-a-kind samples in our annual Outerwear Sale. Learn about what brands that are going to be featured and how you can gear up in this season’s most fashionable pieces.

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Mavi Denim

Mavi Jeans   Mavi is the Turkish word for blue. It was started in 1991 by Sait Akarlilar, his daughter Elif and his son Ersin. It's been the biggest jeans brand in Turkey since 1996. Now the company is now a global name, with distribution in the U.S., Canada, much of...

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34 Heritage

The History of 34 Heritage   In 1952 a 12-year-old Sait Akarlilar apprenticed at a garnet shop in Istanbul, Turkey. The shop was located at house number 34 in the back streets of the old city. Seven years later he owned the shop. From that point on the number 34 has...

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Parker Smith Jeans

Getting to Know Parker Smith   In 2014, CEO Mary Ellen Moschetti founded Parker Smith. A denim enthusiast, Mary Ellen created the line after experiencing and hearing too many complaints from women about struggling to find the right fit. She developed the line for...

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Get to know Fidelity Denim

A Closer Look into Fidelity     Fidelity Denim's founder Jason Trotzuk began by hand-painting jeans in his parents basement at age 18. He sold his one of a kind creations on Robson Street in Vancouver for several hundred dollars a pair. This helped him pay his way...

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