The Questions YOU Need Answered about #nakedespy:

1. What is #nakedespy?

#nakedespy is a prostate cancer fundraiser with all donations going to the Calgary Prostate Cancer Center. This is the second year espy is holding the fundraiser and we hope to double what we raised last year by increasing the number of participants and upping the amount of clothes we can give away. Basically, we all know that whether we have been touched by cancer ourselves or have someone in our life affected by it, it’s an issue we will all continue to deal with until we have raised enough funds for research and enough awareness for early detection. #nakedespy is one of a million fundraisers for cancer out there – what makes this event special is that espy is a small, independent business thriving in a not-so-great economy, and super excited to give back in a cheeky way. So here’s deal guys – be one of the first 100 guys to line up in your underwear, make a donation to the CPCC, and get clothes for FREE thanks to our sponsors Fidelity, Mavi, 7 Diamonds, scott jamesGSUS, and Bjorn Borg.

2. When is #nakedespy?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

3. What time do I need to show up?

EARLY! You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for $500 worth of clothes for FREE! DJ Jon Spade will be here spinning all morning, the CrossFit Ramsay guys are showing up for a little line up surprise, and the Calgary Prostate Cancer Center’s Man Van will be outside at 8:30am for PSA testing on any of the men in line over 40. Make sure you are here before 10am!

4. Where is espy?

Don’t forget that we have moved locations into the new Art Block building in Inglewood at 1009 9th Ave SE.

5. Can I bring a sweater or a blanket?

Of course, but the idea is that you are in line in your underwear. But definitely bring something or someone 😉 to warm up with!

6. What is the suggested donation to the Calgary Prostate Cancer Center?

We are suggesting a $100 donation to the CPCC. Let’s raise some serious cash for prostate cancer!

7. What if I am a student and don’t have $100 to donate?

Get yourself sponsored! Print a sponsorship form by clicking here (#nakedespy donation form). Any donation over $10 will receive a tax receipt from the CPCC.

8. What do I get?

If you are one of the first 50 guys to line up in your underwear and make a donation to the CPCC, you will receive $500 of clothes for FREE and time with espy’s fashion stylists. If you are part of the second 50 in line in your underwear, you get $300 of clothes for FREE!

9. What if I am guy number 101 to 150?

50% off with a donation to the CPCC! WOO!

10. What if I want to purchase more than the $500 or $300 I got for free?

Also 50% off!

11. Will there be food?

Of course! Melrose is sponsoring #nakedespy for the second year in a row!

12. What is the timeline for the morning?

You show up early, we start styling by 10am – depending on your number in line, you can be in bed warming up by 11am!

We CANNOT wait to see you all in your UNDERWEAR! Nov. 5 #nakedespy!


the espy stylists