Right here in Inglewood, at the Yellow Warehouse.

Mens & Ladies SAMPLE SALE May 25-28 at PARK.

Right here in Inglewood, at the Yellow Warehouse 1390 17 Ave SE espy will be holding a most fantastic SAMPLE SALE.

12pm-5pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday May 26-28 

*You can also see us when you attend the PARK events in the evening on Friday & Saturday as the SAMPLE SALE will be open during the shows & intermissions.

*(there will also be yyc food trucks during the day so make it a foodie/fashion day with your friends!)

For the men here are the deals:

  • STONES Sample Blazers & Spring Outerwear $200 each (sample sizes 38, 40, 42) (regular prices $500-700)
  • LIEF HORSENS blazers $90 each (sizes 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48) (regular price $300)
  • Fidelity Denim Samples $60 each (sizes 32″ that will fit 31″-33″ depending on the fabrics and styles) (regular prices $200-$250)

For the ladies here are the deals:

  • YUMINick & MoKling SAMPLES, racks of $20, $30, 40, $55, and $70(size S & M) (regular prices $60-$250)
  • Fidelity Denim Samples $60 each (sizes 26″ that will fit up and down depending on fabrics and styles) (regular prices $200-$250)
  • RD Style tops & dresses, all $39 (all sizes XS-XL) (regular $50-90)

For our Banff store, CFX, you will see brand new Spring 2017 of some of the Canadian brands we are carrying:

Le Galeriste (Canadian Art on Canadian Made Garments!), Sentaler (Alpaca luxe coats), MarigoldAnnie 50Hilary MacMillan (Montreal & Toronto Designers all sizes)

Can’t wait to show you all the deals!

Megan & the espy stylists

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