It’s that time of year again!


#nakedespy is upon us! We’re here to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer treatment and prevention in the sexiest way possible – having 100 guys strut their stuff down the street in their underwear before being styled in one of two looks worth over $500!


AND for the first time ever, #nakedespy is being hosted in BANFF! As if 100 naked men isn’t enough, we’re doing it in one of the most beautiful spots on earth (really – Banff is officially the #1 travel destination of 2017!) For the first time ever, we’re supporting the Banff Firefighters Association in addition to the CPCC!


While watching you all walk around in your underwear certainly makes our day, we’re holding up our end of the deal and letting you choose from two looks to be styled in: Mountain Man and City Slicker.


Please note, these are not the exact outfits you will receive, but merely inspirations to spark your imagination. In true espy fashion, our professional stylists will work with you to bring out your own style and rock the look!



Straight from a hike and ready to grab a beer at the local brewery, Mountain Man is all about the rugged sophistication. Don’t misunderstand us – we’re not talking about lumberjacks who haven’t showered in days. We’re talking sexy flannels and cool toques, comfy Fidelity jeans and soft cotton tees. The only thing that could make you look more rugged is a full beard, though it’s certainly not a requirement.



You work hard, you play hard. You enjoy a good brew, but nothing beats a good scotch on the rocks. Style is the name of the game, City Slicker. Your patterned button-up and tailored blazer are the envy of your office, and you wouldn’t be a Calgarian without pairing them with a sleek pair of dark-wash Fidelity jeans on Casual Friday. Whether you’re hitting the gym or grabbing drinks at happy hour with the guys, you never fail to look like a character on Suits.



Alright boys, time to pick your (stylish) poison before baring it all on April 29th! Apply (link) to be a part of this year’s event before March 1st!

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