Fall Denim, Fall Shoes


Ok, we’ve looked at flats and boots and we’re continuing our mission to answer the question that has been plaguing women since the moment jeans were invented… what shoes do I wear with my denim? Are flats flattering with a fringe hem? Does an ankle boot look better with skinnies or culottes? Should I try a bootie under a wide leg or straight leg? Relax, its fall denim, fall shoes by espy and we’re throwing the rules out the window. In this installment we’re glamming it up: it’s denim and heels.




Like a Kitten


Gauchos? Culottes? Whatever you want to call them they are denim trend that is an homage to a different time. With this style, you’re going to need a little-added height to properly visually elongate your legs. How do you do that? Pair them an elegant kitten heel in black for optimal versatility, of course.





Mavi: $149




First of all, how amazing are these jeans? Yes, they are jeans. In case you’ve been hiding out and binge-watching Netflix for the past couple of years, camouflage is in and it’s here to stay. So if gauchos and a hippie vibe aren’t your things, black kitten heels with a little military flare is a great alternative. Somehow these two options carry some irony if you think about it for a second. They do look great though…






AG: $289

Be Golden


A chunky heel sock booties are a natural complement to mid-length skirts and dresses, but they’re equally great with boyfriend jeans. With a roomier fit at the ankle, a slim sock style slips underneath the bottom hem without the added bulk. We think you’ll agree boyfriends usually need a touch class anyway…






Mavi: $129



The subtlety of a monochromatic silhouette… this is how you do it when it comes to wearing denim with a fringed hem. With a subtle heel, the eye naturally gets drawn upwards which in turn adds an overall slimming effect. Who doesn’t want that? Texture added via the fringe and of course this season’s hottest trend for footwear: brocade. Very fall appropriate.






The Classic with a Twist


No one ever said you have to go sky-high when you wear heels. A shorter and chunkier heel is just as stylish as a set of gargantuan stilettos. Nude and black are the most popular colors here but don’t be afraid to add a splash of color. Wait, what’s that color called again?






Mavi: $129



With heels, there is a reduced stride, and increased rotation and tilt of the hips… In other words, you strut. So strut away. We don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to walk with confidence.







Heels are girly, ladylike, and feminine. That’s why we put up with the torture and pain of wearing them! Depending on your personal style the heels you pair with your denim is up to you! Make your own rules and experiment a little! That being said, don’t be afraid to step a little outside your comfort zone and try something new. Nothing compares to fearless fashion confidence at the end of the day.

We’re here to help! espy is the number one destination in Calgary for denim! Bring your fabulous new pair heels in and let the espy stylists help you pair them up with something cute and that’ll make your bum look amazing.

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We’d like to thank our partners who collaborated with espy on this project: Gravity Pope, Luna Blue, and the Shoe Closet Inglewood. We insist you check them out and get your shoes on point for the fall season.