Welcome back, BOGO Denim!


BOGO Denim Jeans



espy‘s annual BOGO Denim Sale is back and better than ever! With over 150 styles to choose from for each body type, you can trust the espy stylists to find AT LEAST two pairs to send you home with.


There is almost always confusion regarding what the BOGO denim sale entails. As a result, we wrote this blog for you to reference!


Fear not, the espy stylists are here to answer everything BOGO!





Q: What does “BOGO” mean?

A: “Buy One Get One” Free.


Q: How do you know if it’s a jean?

A: Simple, it’s a 5 pocket denim or pant from any of our suppliers.


Q: Are chinos or pants included?

A: Count the pockets, if they don’t have 5. The answer is no.


Q: Can I get a coloured pair?

A: Yes, in select styles!


Q: Is every brand included?

A: Select styles from our favourite brands like Parker Smith, Paige, AG, Edwin, 34 Heritage, Fidelity, Mavi and Yoga will be included.


Q: Can I use my denim coupon on sale denim?

A: No, only on full-priced jeans.


Q: Can I return them?

A: No, all sale items are final sale.


Q: Can I get the full denim fitting experience?

A: Our amazing stylists will always try their best to give you the full experience, however, it may get a little busy during the sale! Worry not, we won’t let you leave looking like a dork.


Q: Is my hem free with sale jeans?

A: No, our tailor is the best in the world, we have to pay her for the incredible work she does!


Q: Which pair of the two is free?

A: The one that’s less expensive!


Q: Can I special order in a size if you don’t have it?

A: No, unfortunately, it’s the end of season stock, the suppliers have none left!


Q: Is there a manufacturers warranty?

A: Yes, we give a 6-month denim guarantee on all of our denim products for manufacturer defects!


Q: Is it every pair of jeans in the store?

A: No, however, there are over 150 styles to choose from!


Q: Can I mix and match men’s and ladies?

A: No. Surely you can find at least two pairs each! Its stampede time, you definitely need more than one.


From all of us at espy, hopefully, this clears up at least some of the questions you may have. We are happy to answer any other questions you may have.


Above all things, happy shopping.

Much Love,

The espy stylists