Who we are:
espy experience is a destination that allows our clients to discover their style through our expertise in people.

What we do:
espy experience is a service oriented fashion destination providing a luxury client experience at an affordable price for everyone. We style outfits from denim to suits, considering clients’ lifestyles and bodies in a way that allows them to showcase their best selves.

Why we do it:
espy experience values and promotes self-love and encourages everyone (staff, clients, neighbours) to be happy, do what they love, and positively impact others by helping them feel good about themselves.

Stylist role:
espy Stylists set the bar for service, anticipating client needs and building lasting relationships with clients. Stylists authentically connect with new and existing clients by observing, listening to, and learning about clients in order to customize styling suggestions and offer expertise in a way that best serves the client’s lifestyle, body type, and personal preferences. Shopping with an espy Stylist is like shopping with a fashion-expert-best-friend, honesty included.


Ability to provide the espy experience from the time a client walks through the door to the time they leave

  • Ensures that every client receives the espy welcome speech
  • Engages with clients to build a relationship and offer personalized service
  • Offers accurate and detailed product knowledge to earn client’s trust and add value to styling experience
  • Promotes the value of Canadian design while providing product knowledge
  • Suggests items that meet the client’s needs and maximizes the sale
  • Understands proper fit, and alterations process start to finish


Ability to build effective and collaborative relationships with peers and managers, external partners

  • Acts and communicates with integrity and positive intent to the team and the business
  • Gives feedback generously and receives it with openness
  • Participates in special events and out-of-store assignments
  • Maintains a high standard for professionalism, punctuality
  • Initiates and completes tasks to support receiving, merchandising, organizing, cleaning
  • Contributes to a positive and motivating environment, striving for team goals, and pitching in to get the job done

Business Competence:

Ability to build momentum, working for continuous improvement and increasing success of the business

  • Communicates client feedback to management urgently
  • Completes daily to-do list to support effective store operations

Business Development:

Ability to continually drive sales increases by offering exceptional, personalized service, and building loyal client relationships

  • Communicates with VIP clients about new product arrivals, events, and sales
  • Sells personalized services such as Date Nights, Closet Interventions, Personal Branding


  • 2 professional references
  • Min. 2 years of clothing retail experience
  • Experience selling menswear is an asset
  • Experience working with in-house alterations is an asset
  • Weekend availability

This is a Full-Time role.

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