The Ellen Project

The Ellen Project was part of espy’s campaign for the espy flash mob, which happened on August 4, 2012! Thanks to all those who participated!

Are you wondering why there is a life-size cut out of Ellen DeGeneres hanging around espy? Well…our latest project is a campaign for Ellen’s attention!

Ellen DeGeneres, the dance lover, comedian, and talk show host is going to be getting a little taste of Calgary this summer when espy sends her footage of everything we get up to here – and especially the espy flash mob.

On Saturday, August 4, 2012 the espy flash mob will break out during the Inglewood Sunfest Festival. Over the next few weeks, as espy continues to recruit flash mobbers, Ellen will be popping up all over the city to help espy SPREAD JOY with the “Sunfest Secret.”

How exactly did we manage to get Ellen to help us with this? For $99 (plus shipping) you too can own your own life-size Ellen DeGeneres cardboard cut-out! Step one of the Ellen Project was to order her cut-out. Turns out, if you own a printer, you can also download an Ellen face mask straight from her show’s website. That was step two.

Since the two dimensional Ellen arrived at espy, she’s been very busy taking in the sites of the city, teaching the espy flash mob choreography, and surprising strangers with her favorite jokes and pranks – step three.

Here is Ellen at the zoo:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Therefore, armed with appropriate props, some killer dance moves, and research on what Ellen finds funny – the Ellen Project was born with one goal: Spread the joy of the espy flash mob to Ellen DeGeneres. Every Ellen moment will be captured, tweeted, shared, and posted. The idea is to fill every Ellen media outlet with everything we’ve got!

Our joyful community project has already been taught to over 4000 people in Calgary and the surrounding area. With upcoming community dance classes, the espy party crew’s rounds, more teaching gigs, and of course the Calgary Stampede, the Ellen Project will be hitting Calgary’s hottest spots with the common goal to SPREAD JOY all the way to the Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles.

The Ellen Project is now a 3 part campaign:

1. Content (Ellen Spreading JOY in YYC)

a. Photos
b. Videos
c. Blogs

2. Social Media (SHARING the Ellen Project with Ellen DeGeneres and her team)

a. YouTube
b. Twitter
c. Facebook

3. Flash Mob (The BIG draw for ATTENTION)

a. 10,000 people doing the espy flash mob at the Sunfest Festival on Saturday, August 4th, 2012.

It’s sure to be an interesting summer at espy! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and our websites ( and to stay up to date on the latest Ellen Project endeavors. Participate in the espy flash mob by learning the choreography online or attending a community class. Share every flash mob and Ellen moment with espy. “Let’s have a little fun today!”


Check out ALL our Ellen videos!

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