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  • espy Does A Photo Shoot! Lights, action, glamour… On a recent road trip to the Badlands we had the chance to look at a fashion shoot from all sides of the lens and camera. While there’s no denying there’s a glamorous side of working in fashion (with good lighting and beautiful people) there’s also a great deal of work that goes ... Continue Reading
  • Dress to Impress at the 2016 Calgary Expo Be your own superhero of style this month   On April 28, it’s time to embrace all things nerdy when the annual Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo returns.  This is your chance to rub elbows with some of the biggest fantasy and sci-fi stars, and also dress the part. If you’ve been eagerly waiting to play the ... Continue Reading
  • Style School Is In Session How to make the honour roll when it comes to looking your best. Greetings to all graduates of 2016. Your scholastic days may be over now but your first session of after-school style is just beginning. Sure, wearing your sweat pants and yoga gear to class was no big thing in University, but it’s time to ... Continue Reading
  • California Dreamin’ espy’s festival inspiration for spring fashion in YYC Next month marks the annual return of spring’s biggest fashion statement in California’s Coachella Valley. Starting on April 15th, the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival invites crowds to enjoy two sun-soaked weekends of celebrity and headliners under the palm trees of Indio’s Empire Polo Fields. Now in its ... Continue Reading
  • SAXX: The Real Key to Being a Baller Guys, we wouldn’t lie to you, we care what goes on down there, which is why we carry SAXX underwear – the brand that our brazen leader (ahem, Megan) describes as an underwear experience akin to: “having your balls cupped by angels.” Now we know what you’re thinking. Angels? Cupping what? This may seem like an outlandish ... Continue Reading
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