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  • #nakedespy news Dearest espy insiders, Since 2010 our Inglewood neighbours & espy clients have become accustomed to spotting a crowd of 100 or so Calgary gentlemen braving the winter elements in their skivvies. It wasn’t just to prove that Calgarians aren’t afraid of the cold, but rather to be suited up espy style and raise funds for a ... Continue Reading
  • Look Better, Feel Better Ever heard the saying, “the higher the heel, the better you feel?” Or experienced that phenomenon first hand, getting a little extra pep in your step when you’re rocking a fierce red lip or your favourite pumps? Studies have shown that what we wear can dramatically affect our cognitive, social and emotional states. For example, ... Continue Reading
  • We Don’t Want to Count it Sale, up to 73% off 3 days only! Friday Jan 22nd,  Saturday Jan 23rd, and Sunday Jan 24th. Once a year, when espy is closed to the public, the espy stylists get to *GASP* come to work in sweatpants, yoga pants, Uggs & slippers, onesies, and anything else they only own because it is “COMFY”.  This is only allowed because it ... Continue Reading
  • Spring 2016 Some early views of Spring 2016… Now in store! Grey is the new black. Soften your harsh Winter wardrobe with something cozy and dove coloured. Ultra light denim, navy stripes, and pops of red will be everywhere this Spring! Patterns are a combination of floral and geometric, and colours are bright this Spring. The more holes the better! This ... Continue Reading
  • New Years @ espy “People building people up and people doing and living in up-beat positive ways—those are the people I want to see in my news feed!” says espy’s founder, Megan Szanik. “Having that positivity and uplifting information thrust in your face instead of all the doom and gloom and negative things that happen in the world, it keeps ... Continue Reading
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